Zoom Master, Zoom Tech, Zoom Moderator

Zoom Master, Zoom Tech, Zoom Moderator

by John Burton

No matter what the title may be, we are all pretty much familiar with the role. This is the person who has helped you hold your club together while we were forced to go Virtual. Through virtual and hybrid meetings and contests, this person has wrestled with the many iterations of the Zoom App and Web-Based Zoom to maximize or at least survive the experience.

After 3 years, most of us have some experience with Zoom, and some of us may consider ourselves proficient. But also, after 3 years, some of the “Zoom Masters” may be ready to hang up the HOST Robes and settle into the JAM (Just a Member) position. (Disclaimer:  I heard the term, “JAM”, from a fellow Toastmaster a few weeks ago.)

So, maybe you’re thinking about helping in the Zoom world as your club goes forward in the Hybrid or Virtual realm. (Yes, Zoom may be with us for a while longer.)

But you’re asking yourself, “What are the requirements for being the Zoom Master/Tech/Moderator?”. Well, here is a guideline for what may be required for the role. (These tasks are not all-inclusive and will vary with meeting requirements.)

General Expectations

  1. Arrive at meetings early, start Zoom meeting and set up (i.e., breakout rooms, waiting rooms, etc.).
  • Ensure you are assigned to be the “host” or “co-host.”
  • Set the screen view for “gallery view” with the Participant list visible.
  • Waiting Room Management
    • Have on hand the list of participants when the meeting is restricted.
    • Turn on “Mute participants upon entry” before the start of the meeting.
    • When the Waiting Room is enabled, admit approved attendees.
    • Move people back to the waiting room as requested.
    • Send chat communications to waiting room participants as needed. (Repeat as needed.)
    • Admit all guests with caution.
  • Zoom Meeting Management
    • Display Flag/Mission Statement during meeting opening (standard).
      • A standard PowerPoint should be used.
    • Watch for “Zoom-bombers” and respond as needed.
      • Options (pause meeting, remove from meeting, move to Waiting Room).
      • The quickest method is by right-clicking on the “bomber’s” video. The same options will appear when clicking on the “bomber’s” name in the Participant listing.
    • Mute participants during meetings with noise disruptions (unless they are speaking).
    • Rename or help participants rename themselves using a naming convention.
    • Begin recording of the meeting, as required.
  • Chat Management
    • Watch for inappropriate communications and remove/delete them.
    • Insert meeting agendas in the chat. (Document must be closed.)
    • Insert required material in the chat when needed (documents/zoom links/evaluation forms, etc.).
    • Operate PowerPoint presentations when requested in advance by the presenter.
    • Turn off chat (limit to host/co-host) when requested.
  • Pin/Spotlight speakers as needed.
  • Breakout Room Management
    • Set up Breakout Rooms prior to Zoom Meeting as requested.
    • Open Breakout Rooms when requested.
    • Assist in assigning participants to Breakout Rooms as needed.
    • Monitor the Main Room and/or Breakout Rooms as requested.
    • Serve as Moderator in Breakout Rooms or assist Moderators in Breakout Rooms as needed.
  • Poll Management
    • Set up Polls prior to Zoom Meeting as requested.
    • Launch Polls when requested.
    • Assist in capturing Poll results as needed.

Yes, this list can seem extensive. But, as you get more comfortable in the role, these tasks will seem second nature. In fact, if you are a bit of a Rules Freak like me, you will feel empowered as the Zoom Master, controlling the virtual lives of those who dare to enter “your world.” So, if you are considering delving deeper into the Virtual portion of your meetings and contests, this is a start.

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