Yes, You Can Become What You Intend to Be!

by Julie Salgo

I wonder how many of the current Distinguished Toastmasters, Leaders, and seasoned members would admit that they used to be extremely shy introverts, insecure, timid, and scared children?

We witness their current performances, and based on what we see and hear, we assume that they were born with special gifts, which is why they are so amazing now. “I wish I could be just like them!”—you might have this internal monologue in your head.

An introvert is typically a reserved or quiet person who tends to enjoy spending time alone, or with only a few familiar people around. Introverts are never going to become extroverts, but with a conscious decision, they can get out of their comfort zone to accomplish certain personal and professional goals in life. It can be a slow process, but positive results will give enough drive to continue.

It is important to note that not all introverts are shy. The definitions of introvert and shy may seem close, but the difference is within the nervousness or timidity that is evident in the company of other people. All sorts of visible signs can make not only the shy person uncomfortable but everyone else around him/her.

An insecure person is missing confidence, is uncertain, anxious, and thinks they are not good enough.

Going out of your way to intentionally meet and get to know more and more people, you will discover that you are not at all unique with your limitations. Finding the right community can give you the proper support and encouragement to show you the way to how to get rid of your imaginary fences, how to get out of your comfort zone.

What you do and when you do it will always remain within your control. Once you are a Toastmaster, stick with it because we cannot offer quick fixes. Volunteer for a role at each meeting. Prepare for those roles and enjoy the slow but continual process of becoming the person that others will aspire to be like!

Beth Ramsay, DTM2, PDD, PRA, Division E Director, D84 Podcast Team said it best:

If you can’t even say your name because you are scared, we can help you. If you cannot answer an unexpected question intelligently, we can help you. If you do not know how to run an effective meeting, we can show you. If you want to challenge anyone and gain leadership experience, then tell all your friends to join Toastmasters because it is a great choice!

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