Why Did You Join Toastmasters?

It’s time for that age-old question: Why did you join Toastmasters?

Were you sitting around the house, twiddling your thumbs and thinking, “I’m bored. Perhaps there’s some kind of club I could join?”

Go ahead and laugh!

None of us joined our club because we had nothing to do. We joined because we saw something relevant to improving the quality of our professional, social or family lives beyond our Toastmasters club. We stay in Toastmasters because our club structure, members and educational opportunities continue to engage and challenge us.

It’s a new year for Toastmasters.

Let’s elevate our club experience and resolve to stop the decline in clubs and membership. How? By engaging our members and guests with stimulating meetings that are educational, enjoyable and entertaining.

Has Toastmasters improved your life or made you a better person in some way? If you are actively engaged in the Toastmasters experience, your answer will be “Absolutely!” You have discovered the value it brings to your non-Toastmasters life.  Toastmasters is relevant to everything we do.

Share the relevance of Toastmasters with coworkers, friends and family, and watch your club grow. This year let’s re-engage with the world, building stronger clubs along the way.

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