What’s In a Brand?

Yesterday’s DEC meeting was fantastic! We were inspired by Bobby Blackmon and our Region 8 Advisor Netania Walker who invited us to build back stronger. We also heard from our leaders who brought us up to speed in their various areas of responsibility. For my report, I chose a topic that I am passionate about: our brand.

Some of you may remember Kristi Yablonski‘s recent visit to our district. As Toastmasters International Digital Marketing Specialist, Kristi shared a wealth of knowledge on how to use social media to reach out target audience: existing and prospective members. During her visit, she also reminded us that our brand unites us. That resonated with me and subsequently inspired this post. Do note that if you’d like to watch Kristi’s presentation, it can be found on our Facebook page.

Back to branding. What do you think when you see some of your own favorite brands? What do you think when you see our own Toastmasters logo or wordmark? Chances are you immediately have some emotional reaction to them. A brand: a logo, slogan, symbol, design, or combination of those elements – has the power to distinguish itself from others. And what is more, and this is when I get excited: brands instill an emotional connection with the product, company or service that owns them. An emotional connection!

Let me ask you again…what do you think or feel when you see our logo, our wordmark, or any of the branding elements that say, Toastmasters?

Our brand reflects who we are. It tells our story.

I will probably write a few posts on this topic as there is so much I’d like to share. For now, please consider this:

  • Our brand clearly articulates our message.
  • Our brand solidifies credibility in the marketplace.
  • Our brand emotionally connects us with our target audience.

This is why I encourage us all to be good brand ambassadors. Let everything we do and say be a reflection of our brand. Stay tuned as we break this topic down, discuss how it impacts us all, and seek ways to make it doable.

Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM

District 84 Public Relations Manager 2021-2022

Contact me with questions: prm@toastmastersd84.org

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