Vision and Strategies for Club Growth

by Nic Patterson

Hello, District 84! My name is Nic Patterson, and I am deeply honored to be your new Club Growth Director-Elect. Though I won’t officially take office until July, I am already dedicated to learning and preparing to serve you as effectively as possible. My journey with Toastmasters began in an unconventional place—a correctional community club. This experience transformed my life, showing me the profound impact of effective communication and leadership. Now, I am driven by the desire to bring these opportunities to every corner of our exceptional District.

Our Exceptional District

District 84 is the best District in the world, the standard by which all other Districts in Toastmasters International are judged. Our diverse and vibrant community, stretching from Jacksonville to Tallahassee and down to just south of Orlando, is filled with dedicated members who continuously strive for excellence. It is this commitment to growth and development that inspires me every day.

Sincere Thanks to My Supporters

Before I outline my vision for our District’s growth, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to some incredible individuals whose support has been invaluable. Dr. Maria Martinez, Amanda Cross, Debi Jo Londono, Wanda Brown, Jerod Powers, Will Hayes, and my friend and co-author Mark Gai—your ongoing commitment, encouragement, and accountability have been my pillars of strength. Your belief in me has allowed me to dream bigger, achieve larger goals, and feel more empowered. I am also grateful to all members of District 84 for your trust and support. Together, we will achieve great things.

My Vision and Strategies for Club Growth

As your Club Growth Director-Elect, my focus is on sustainable, meaningful growth that enriches our District. Here are the strategies I propose to achieve this:

1. Community-Based and Mobile Outreach: Each community in our District has unique needs and characteristics. By conducting outreach and engagement sessions, we can tailor new clubs to these specific environments, ensuring they serve their members effectively. To reach underserved areas, I propose launching Mobile Toastmasters Units—pop-up meetings in various locations that offer a taste of what Toastmasters can do, spreading awareness and gauging interest for new clubs.

2. Virtual and Special Interest Expansion: The shift towards digital interaction offers us an opportunity to expand our virtual club offerings. This will allow members who travel frequently or reside in remote areas to remain engaged and connected. We will also focus on developing clubs that cater to special interests (such as entrepreneurship) and bilingual populations, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or interests, finds a place in Toastmasters.

3. Corporate and Educational Partnerships: By partnering with local businesses and corporations, we can create sponsored Toastmasters clubs within these organizations. This not only aids professional development but also integrates Toastmasters into the local business community. Additionally, establishing clubs in colleges and high schools can cultivate leadership and public speaking skills from a young age, helping build confidence and skills among young people.

4. Engaging Marketing and Visibility Campaigns: Utilizing modern marketing techniques, such as social media influencers, targeted advertising, and engaging community events, we can enhance the visibility of Toastmasters. These campaigns will not only attract new members but also celebrate the achievements of our current members, showcasing the real impact of our programs.

A Commitment to Collaboration

My approach is one of collaboration and openness. I am here to listen to your ideas, support your clubs, and drive innovation that makes a real difference. Our District’s strength lies in our collective efforts and shared commitment to growth and excellence. I am inspired every day by your dedication, and I pledge to match that with my efforts.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Club Growth Director-Elect. Together, we will build a future for District 84 that is rich in opportunity, diversity, and success. Let’s make Toastmasters not just a club but a cornerstone of our communities across north and central Florida.

Warm regards,

Nic Patterson
Club Growth Director-Elect, District 84

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