Veterans Salute: A Tribute

The following tribute was delivered by Distinguished Toastmaster Dr. Maria Martinez as part of our District 84 Annual Conference, Just One More Page.

Thank you, Veterans!

As we gather here, eager to write the next page of our journey, let us pause to honor the courageous men and women who have turned countless pages in the story of our nation’s defense. Although written during Military Appreciation Month, may these words serve as a reminder that our gratitude for the military should extend beyond this month and be a daily commitment.

To my fellow veterans, reservists, and all those who have contributed to this narrative, I invite you to rise and be recognized as I call your branch of service. Your service represents just one more page in the ongoing saga of our nation’s strength and resilience.

  • United States Army, defenders of freedom on land, we salute your tradition of honor and service. From the fields of battle to the farthest reaches of conflict, your bravery and sacrifice have upheld the ideals of liberty and justice.
  • United States Navy, guardians of the seas, we pay tribute to your steadfast commitment to maritime excellence. From the vast oceans to distant shores, your courage and proficiency have ensured the safety and security of our nation’s waters.
  • United States Marine Corps, exemplars of courage and resilience, we recognize your unwavering commitment to duty. From the crucible of combat to the halls of diplomacy, your unwavering resolve inspires us all.
  • United States Coast Guard, guardians of our maritime borders, we honor your tireless dedication to service. From search and rescue missions to maritime law enforcement, your vigilance and readiness ensure the safety of our shores.
  • United States Air Force, masters of the skies, we acknowledge your pioneering spirit and technological prowess. From the clouds above to the reaches of outer space, your innovation and skill have propelled our nation to new heights.
  • United States Space Force, pioneers of the final frontier, we acknowledge your dedication to securing our interests beyond the bounds of Earth. From the vast expanse of space to the cutting edge of technology, your mission ensures our nation’s security and leadership in the cosmos.

Today, as we reflect on the sacrifices made by our veterans, let us also remember their families and loved ones who have supported them every step of the way. Their sacrifice is an enduring reminder of the price of freedom—a story we continue to honor and cherish.

Fellow veterans, we owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your courage, commitment, and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

May we always honor and cherish the values for which you have so bravely fought.

This tribute was delivered live during the Just One More Page Conference in Gainesville, FL, accompanied by Nicholas Patterson, DTM, playing the piano.

Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM, Education Chair 2023-2024

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