Unlock Leadership Excellence: One More Chance to Attend TLI

Club leader: Your club’s success hinges on your leadership, and here’s your final chance to amplify it: the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Express on August 30th. This is it – the deadline for your club to receive credit is August 31st. But it’s more than a checkbox; it’s your gateway to leadership excellence.

What is TLI Express?

We understand your time is valuable. TLI Express is thoughtfully designed for our busy leaders. Two rounds of officer training allow you to pick the session that best suits your schedule and you are done.

Network and Learn from Fellow Leaders

Network and learn from and with fellow leaders. One of the unique benefits of attending TLI is the opportunity to network and learn from fellow leaders. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and forge connections that could last a lifetime. The diverse perspectives you encounter at TLI can be a game changer that leads to inspiration, innovative solutions, and a fresh perspective on leadership challenges.

Embrace the Future of Leadership

Leadership is an ever-evolving journey, and whether this is your first time serving as a leader or you are a veteran, TLI is your compass to navigate through it. As we stand at the cusp of a new Toastmasters year, seize the chance to empower yourself with the tools needed to lead your club with impact. Your presence at TLI on August 30th is your commitment to your personal growth and the growth of your club.

Register Now: 

Register now for TLI Express officer training on August 30th starting at 6:30 pm ET. Here is the link to register. Can’t make it? To receive credit, you must attend officer training by August 31st. Please refer to Program Quality Director Felicia Shorter’s email with links, times, and additional information for six other opportunities to attend before the deadline.  

Should you have any questions, please contact Education Chair, Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM at education@toastmastersd84.org or Program Quality Director, Felicia Shorter at felicia.shorter@toastmastersd84.org. 

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