Mike McLean, DTM DD


Saturday night of the Formula 1 District Conference when I was sworn in as the 2018-19 District Director, I spoke about the power we have a Toastmasters to change people’s lives. It was easy for me to talk about that aspect because I have been speaking about it since I first entered District Leadership. Watching others develop the confidence to trust in their voice and become leaders is fuel for me and my efforts. Throughout the 2018-19 year, I want to lead our District so that we help you Ignite Your Potential.


It's amazing that when people find their voice, we find out that they have amazing things to say and contribute. What will you add to the conversation this year?



Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have as you learn and grow.



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Beth Ramsay, DTM PQD


I am looking forward to using my career of 20-years as a professional trainer/speaker as your Program Quality Director to ensure quality in the training opportunities (conferences, TLIs, etc.) and to assist members and clubs in achieving a level of excellence in their own Toastmasters journey.


Although some of the requirements of those training opportunities are set, I try to find ways to do things a little differently when I can and am a big proponent of “less is more” in the training model, preferring to look at what it is we want people to learn, and focus on that while making it fun and useful.


I am also committed to continuing the stand-alone speaking events we’ve been doing since January, as the feedback from those who have come has been quite positive and enthusiastic! To that end, I have established a “Special Events Committee” to bring more events and opportunities to further our skills.



And if all of that wasn’t enough,  we get the pleasure of jumping in to our Pathways tracks and experiencing the robust programs that await us.


If you have questions or suggestions about anything having to do with training, the special events or conferences, please reach out to me. I do and have been reading all conference and TLI feedback surveys, and have already implemented a few of the suggestions for this year.


As always, I am at your service,


Beth Ramsay



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Pim Parpart, DTM CGD


In 1974, as an immigrant from Thailand to the United States, I wasn’t yet comfortable speaking English. Even though I worked hard at my job as an entry level assembler, I let promotion after promotion pass me by.


Everything changed when I walked in to a Toastmasters meeting, where I found a supportive group that helped me open up and communicate effectively. Since that first meeting, I was encouraged to ask for- and receive- several promotions at work. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Central Florida and after 30 years of dedicated service and 6 promotions later, I retired as a Senior Electronics Technician Specialist.


I owe it all to Toastmasters.



As District 84 Club growth Director, I am responsible for all aspects of club growth, club building and retention efforts for members and clubs within the district.


I am here to serve you- so contact me!


Pim Parpart, DTM


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