TLI: Club Officer Training and More!

Whether you’re a seasoned club officer, a newcomer to leadership, or someone aspiring to lead, the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) is a transformative experience that offers a plethora of benefits. TLI is a hub for honing leadership skills, fostering personal growth, and networking with fellow leaders from across the District.

At its core, TLI is a launchpad for leadership development. Through keynote speeches, workshops, and training sessions, participants enhance their communication skills, fine-tune teamwork dynamics, sharpen decision-making abilities, and develop organizational acumen. Both new and experienced club officers can glean from custom sessions that provide a structured pathway to becoming more effective and impactful leaders.

TLI offers a unique space for personal growth. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is encouraged, helping attendees build self-confidence and face challenges head-on. This personal transformation is complemented by insights gained from seasoned speakers and leaders, who share their journeys and wisdom, creating a rich environment for continuous learning.

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Another feature of TLI is that it goes beyond club officer training. From sessions on Toastmasters Etiquette to Evaluating with Confidence, participants are equipped with diverse tools that go beyond conventional leadership training. This blend of practical skills and personal development forms a well-rounded approach to leadership. Make plans to attend the next session and check out some of the recordings already available on our YouTube channel.

For questions about TLI, please contact Education Chair, Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM:

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