Your Timeless Story, Easily Crafted

Cut the difficulties to learn and retain your speeches or presentations you can reduce time and increase your authenticity when crafting your presentations. You will gain a simple formula for crafting your timeless stories. My struggle can now be your short cut for success.

How to Create Learner-Centered Experiences

Have you ever considered being a trainer? In this interactive workshop, we will explore principles of adult learning to create immersive learning experiences that engage life-long learners. This session will challenge old thinking by implementing effective techniques and exposing rookie mistakes.

It’s Time for Diversity and Accessibility

As Toastmasters, we specialize in communications and practice leadership skills. What happens when we interact with someone and we realize they have a disability? We may feel embarrassed since we may not know how to connect as well as we thought. In this session, we share ways to be more prepared for these situations.

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