Unleashing your Undeniable Leadership

Most undiscovered leaders are an often-underutilized resource in most organizations. While some professionals are stretched to their capacity, others in an organization must emerge to provide leadership to their peers and management. This session will challenge and unleash the potential leadership capabilities and qualities from within. Learn to discover the undeniable leader.

The Here and Now of Toastmasters: a Momentous Endeavor 

A contemplative discussion about the meaning of Toastmasters—post pandemic. Let’s regroup and reset with intentionality and purpose. Why are we Toastmasters in our present times? And why should we direct valuable time towards Toastmasters? Perhaps it has something to do with the word: momentous

A Time for Leadership

This presentation will discuss several factors that are prevalent attributes for developing and becoming a dynamic leader. The factors include: What makes an Effective Leader; Leading from the Front; Leadership Standards, and Leadership Courage.