Thank You for the Opportunity

June 30 signals the end of my term as District 84 Director, a journey that began three years ago when I decided to run for Club Growth Director. It has been three years of nearly weekly Trio meetings, strategic planning that included preparing budgets, calendars, contests, training, business meetings and conferences, not to mention meetings with Region Advisors, training with TI, and visits to every corner of our District. Honestly, fellow Toastmasters, it has been a LOT, but I am so thankful you gave me the opportunity to make this trip.

In spite of the sometimes overwhelming magnitude of those many responsibilities, I was always surrounded by a team of like-minded members who jumped in with purpose and creativity. Division Directors, Area Directors, Committee Chairs, and Club Officers fleshed out ideas, recruited committees and teams. I could not have asked for a better core leadership team than Felicia Shorter (Program Quality Director), Amanda Cross (Club Growth Director), Donald Toldson (Public Relations Manager), and Paula Summa (Immediate Past District Director) who spent countless hours on accomplishing our goals. Please join me in thanking all of these wonderful leaders for their many contributions

Though we have lost a few clubs, District 84 has experienced phenomenal membership growth, creating stronger and more vibrant clubs. I encourage all of us to continue to focus on club quality and member experience to ensure all of our members are engaged and thriving. I know our incoming leadership team has accepted the challenge to provide the essential training, support, enrichment and FUN required to build strong, healthy clubs.

I have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing people – our District 84 members! You have all been an incredible gift in so many ways: nurturing, supportive, encouraging and patient as I have managed the bumps in the road. I learned to stop, look, and listen and I discovered wonderful talent, ideas and friends that I might otherwise have overlooked. I am confident that the bonds we have formed is the gift that will keep on giving, even as I move on to other roles. I hope you will join me. Accept the opportunity to discover the many levels of leadership. The gifts are endless and you, too, will say “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to grow, learn and connect.”

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Thank You for the Opportunity
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