Teen Toasties

Teen Toasties

Rosamund Fife

Tall Tales and Table Topics were the talk of the Town on Saturday, August 26th, as the Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program at Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Port St. Lucie concluded its 10-week program with celebration, camaraderie, and contests! The program was coordinated by Rosamund Fife with the help of Tina Smith and was sponsored by the Girl Talk Toastmasters Club, based in Melbourne, Florida.

A group of young students, ranging in age from 12 to 14, learned how to improve their body language, active listening, and mindfulness while working on their writing and public speaking skills. The little Toasties learned to perform various meeting roles like “Evaluator” and “Um Ah Counter,” but the most popular assignment was that of the “Timer” because of the fun of the timing lights!

The students transported us to a world of infinite imagination on that special Saturday: we were all captivated by Tall Tales, convincing us that the moon was really made of cheese, and a Martian helped Isaac Newton discover gravity. In the Table Topics contest, we learned about the one thing they’d like to eat for the rest of their lives, which ranged from granny’s spaghetti to a wide array of fast food. Big congratulations to all the winners, especially to Miss Isabella Capo, who placed 1st in both Table Topics and Tall Tales Contests.

A special thanks to the Episcopal Church of the Nativity, who graciously donated their space, and to the judges who volunteered their time for a much tougher job than they’d anticipated.

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