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Mark Gai is an in-demand executive communication coach and TEDx speaker. He is an expert in body language, leadership development, and persuasive communication, and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topics of sales storytelling and empowerment, high performance goal achievement, and authentic leadership. His communication leadership podcast, “Speak Brave,” reaches international audiences with messages of inspiration and hope.

In 2015, Mark reached the semi-finals of the largest public speaking contest in the world and placed in the top 100 speakers worldwide according to Toastmasters International.

As an executive communication coach and mentor in the technology, nonprofit, and banking industries, Mark has over 20 years of business and sales experience. Mark works with business leaders to help increase revenue with powerful messaging. He brings a fresh approach to his client’s success based on behavior data, psychology of persuasion, and storytelling language. He reminds his clients to tell better stories to close more sales.

A big believer in giving back, Mark supports a number of charities and educational and economic empowerment organizations, including Meals-on-Wheels, Wounded Warrior Project, DECA and others.

Signature Presentations:

  1. Leading in the Uncertain World”
    The world is changing faster than ever, making many of us feel uncertain. We need to adapt, but we don’t always know how. Most leaders in organizations are ill-equipped for the challenges they face today. Sad, but true. This keynote will show you how to become an exceptional leader who thrives in uncertainty by helping your team members learn how to think like entrepreneurs even if they aren’t one themselves yet.
  2. “How To Create a Productive Day”
    Learn and apply the techniques of top productivity experts to get insanely productive, so you can become more effective, and add up to 3 hours per day into your work schedule. This keynote will help you build a system for staying organized, focused, and productive throughout your day. As an interactive presentation, it is designed to show audiences how to be more efficient with their time by eliminating distractions (social media), saying no when it matters most (meetings), and setting clear priorities (your why).
  3. “Communicate Like a Winner”
    Many struggle with communication. This universal problem can be overcome however, by learning practical communication skills. This keynote will show you how to be more persuasive using techniques like “the power pause,” “the mirror technique,” and “active listening.” It will also show you how to use body language signals as powerful cues to build trust.

Watch one of Mark’s presentations at TEDx Ocala.  Learn more about Mark at and on LinkedIn.

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