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Lea Tran, an ethnic Chinese “boat person” refugee from Vietnam, is a Reinvention Specialist. Her message of diversity, resilience, and overcoming trauma has inspired countless people to take action toward change in their own lives. Through her coaching and speaking appearances, Lea is impacting others worldwide by inspiring them “not to miss their boats of possibilities.”

From her arduous journey of escaping Vietnam communism, Lea overcame a war-torn country, domestic violence, poverty, and social isolation to thrive as a research scientist, a successful entrepreneur, and a business owner. Extracting from her multi-faceted cultural and rich life experiences, Lea offers a fresh perspective that helps people see possibilities in their own obstacles and to be bold without being reckless.

Lea is an ICF Certified Holistic Coach, a Villanova University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, a dynamic keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and author of her memoir, I Did Not Miss the Boat. She resides in Florida with her husband. 

Lea currently serves as a board member of Together for Good Refugee Film School, a non-profit organization that helps youth refugees in Malaysia through a learn-to-earn program. She is an avid Toastmaster and a Dean Assistance of the National Speaker Association Central Florida Academy in 2022-2023. Lea is available for interviews on Podcast, TV, and radio appearances. Lea has been a member of Toastmasters for 8 years, earning Distinguished Toastmaster in 2019.

Signature presentations

  1. “Don’t Miss Your Boat. Build it.”(Create your own opportunities in challenging times).Never miss out on an opportunity to grow and thrive in difficult, unpredictable times. Learn how to take calculated risks and how to be bold without being reckless. 
  2. “Stop Fighting Yourself.”(Know Your Worth).Sometimes fighting life is easier than fighting yourself. Achievements in life do not necessarily provide you peace and happiness unless you can value your worth. Lea will help you face your toughest opponent in life…YOU!
  3. “Rock the Big Boat.”(How to build confidence).
    Getting out of the comfort zone is the beginning of the boat rocking process. Stop playing small if you want to win big. To make a bigger impact, you need to rock a bigger boat. Lea will show you how. 

Watch one of Lea’s presentations at TEDx Eustis. Learn more about Lea at LeaTran.com and on LinkedIn.

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