John Morrow



John Morrow has been transforming lives for over four decades as a storyteller, keynote speaker, and success coach. A Toastmaster since 1985, he has been a master of relationship building and team motivation. He believes in the power of intentional, mindful observation and focus on achieving excellence in any endeavor.

He is also a former broadcaster and now a competitive speaker who was twice crowned Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). In that role, he mentors new speakers and leaders and helps them achieve their goals.

Today, John is focused on helping others achieve their full potential as individuals and teams. He is a father and proud grandfather who enjoys spending time with his family, singing in his church choir, mentoring professionals, and rooting for the University of Tennessee football team.

He strives to be an encourager and motivator for those around him, always looking for ways to build teamwork and relationship-based success. John brings a wealth of experience that helps him connect with people from all walks of life.

Signature presentations:

    1. “I Never Noticed” Keynote
      In our fast-paced, constantly connected world, it’s easy to miss out on the joys and opportunities right in front of us. That’s why “I Never Noticed” is such an important keynote—it helps us learn to connect more fully with our present moment and savor all the good that surrounds us.
      “I Never Noticed” is perfect for anyone who wants to find more joy and meaning in their everyday lives.
    2. “80/20 Rule of Relationship Building” Keynote
      If you want to build solid lasting relationships, the “80/20 Rule of Relationship Building” is for you. This rule states that we should watch and listen at least four out of five times as much as we talk, in order to truly understand the other person. Find out why with this presentation and how we can create more profound, meaningful connections by taking the time to truly watch and listen to others. Whether you’re building relationships with family, friends, or business associates, this rule is a great way to create strong bond
    3. “Priority Mindfulness”
      Discover the 80/20 rule of relationships and learn focused intentional watching, listening, and feeling.

Watch one of John’s presentations here. Learn more about John on Linked In.

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