Mark Gai

Mark Gai is an in-demand executive communication coach and TEDx speaker. He is an expert in body language, leadership development, and persuasive communication, and is a frequent keynote speaker on the topics of sales storytelling and empowerment, high performance goal achievement, and authentic leadership. His communication leadership podcast, “Speak Brave,” reaches international audiences with messages […]

Fred Bergeron

Fred Bergeron advocates for the homeless after experiencing the hardships and realities of being homeless himself. Through his story he is passionate about inspiring others to tell their stories too. Fred is also well versed in leadership, presentation skills, photography, and videography. When Fred is not busy inspiring others, he enjoys playing poker, cooking, and […]

Manal Fakhoury

Dr. Manal Fakhoury served as the Clinical Coordinator at Ocala Health for 28 years and is a strong advocate of personal development and social justice with a strong background in community service, leadership, organizational skills, and fundraising. She is known for her distinctive skillset of strategy, business acumen, and relationship building, and has served as […]

Edith Tiencken

Dr. Edith Tiencken is passionate about working with business leaders to accelerate and maximize their unique potential to out-perform and meet their goals with ease, speed, and flexibility. Edith is well known in the industry of Organizational Development and Global Leadership and a proponent of Neuro-agility and Design Thinking to find creativity and innovative solutions.  […]

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