Relevant Through It All

Thank you to Debby Kerr-Henry for her creative approach to the relevance of Toastmasters in the video collage below, edited by Donald Toldson and George Hazard, and starring Toastmasters from across our District. Debby had an idea, drafted a team, and gifted us with a fun and inspiring message of unity through diversity.

District 84 is geographically large and our membership is extremely diverse, yet we all share the relevance Toastmasters has had on our lives.  I joined Toastmasters over 30 years ago because I found developing evaluation skills particularly relevant to my blossoming management career. I stayed in Toastmasters because I discovered continuing relevance as I grew professionally, confronted challenges, and stepped well beyond my comfort zone in so many ways. Toastmasters is a gift that we continue to unwrap over the years, discovering layers of ourselves we never knew we had. Whether you want more confidence, a better career, greater empathy, improved family and social relationships, or to assume a more prominent role in your community, church or school – Toastmasters is relevant through it all.

I challenge all of you to develop creative ways to share Toastmasters and your club. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just have fun! People will notice and want to join in.


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