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Dues are Due by March 31, 2024

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW to avoid a lapse in your access to Toastmasters International. Your renewal also helps your club remain in good standing.

There are two ways to pay your dues BEFORE MARCH 31:

Go to and submit your renewal dues directly to Toastmasters International.
Click here for more information about Self-Pay:

If your club has not opted to take advantage of the SELF-PAY OPTION, check with your club treasurer for instructions on how to pay your dues. Please work with your club leadership to pay your dues on time so you can continue your journey with Toastmasters without a lapse in access to your materials.

close up of a clock with the words "time to renew"

For just $60, members have 6-months of unlimited access to a WORLDWIDE organization filled to the brim with personal and professional development. With that access comes weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a group of like-minded individuals who are there to support YOU in your growth. Where else can you find such value for just $10 a month?!

Remember to pay your dues by March 31 to maintain access to your education path in Pathways.

Additional incentives are available for clubs:

  • Notable 9 – renew 9 or more members by March 9 to earn a ribbon from Toastmasters International
  • Incredible 20 – renew 20 or more members by March 20 to earn a ribbon from Toastmasters International and 10 Super Star Points
  • Charter Strength – clubs with a July base of less than 20, renew 20+ members by April 1 to earn 25 Super Star Points

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