D84 Toastcast – Michelle Villalobos and Rochelle Rice, AS – 12

1.  Steps to Create Your Personal Brand – Michelle Villalobos  (17:00)

2.  Heart-Centered Speaking: How to Come From the Heart Instead of Giving a Performance – Rochelle Rice (18:45)

Host DTM Beth Ramsay interviews brand strategist Michelle Villalobos, about the steps to create and monetize your personal brand.

  • Monetize and build your personal brand
  • What is a personal brand?
  • What is uniquely yours?
  • Steps:  Identity, Work and Play (lifestyle), What’s Your North Star?, Build Your Brand, Shamelessly Promote

Rochelle Rice, AS, shares how to be more authentic on stage.

  • What does your favorite games as a child have to do with speaking?
  • What gesture do you “own”?
  • Vulnerability: the fine line of being on the edge of not losing it
  • Why do you need to pay close attention of how you are breathing?
  • Stop playing it safe: go big, go large, have faith
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