D84 Toastcast – Mark Gai and Fred Moore – 11

  1. International Speech Contest Semi-Finalist – Mark Gai (12:06)
  2. Are You Funny?  Humorous Speeches – Fred Moore (14:17)

Host DTM Beth Ramsay interviews Mark Gai, District 84 International Speech Semi-Finalist Mark shares what it takes to get to the International Speech stage.

  • The time, the practice, the revisions
  • Emotional and mental preparation routine before going on stage
  • Mark shares the issues with TSA Security at the airport, and issues with security at Cesar’s Palace! “I’m just speaking in the contest!”

Fred Moore shares how he creates his humorous presentations. Fred has been making people laugh for years through his stand-up routines and magic shows.

  • How do you collect your funny stories or one-liners?
  • How do you practice your funny stories on different audiences (HINT: he uses the “hammock method”)
  • Does the gender or age of your audience dictate what stories and jokes you use?
  • Can funny be taught?
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