Pathways Monthly Tips

Pathways Monthly Tips

by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM

District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs

November Tips

  • Picking a Path
  • Navigating Your First Level
  • Troubleshooting and Follow-up for Base Camp Managers (BCM)

Tip 1:  Picking a Path

As a new Toastmaster, there are 3 ways to select your path. #1, Presentation Mastery is the “default” selection. #2, you can review the summary of each Path objective and select your preference. #3, and your best option, take the Assessment because it will analyze your answers and recommend the Path best suited for you, along with two additional alternative choices. No matter which method you choose, you are the one who selects your Pathways journey. This is your journey to your “Summit of Success.”

Tip 2:  Navigating Your First Level

After you pick your Path, your next step is to go in and look at your Ice Breaker. Your Ice Breaker is the foundation you will use to build your skills. Whether it is your first Ice Breaker or your tenth, review everything in the project each time as you build your skills. You will find a new tip that maybe you did not know before because your skill level advances with each speech. Click every button, read every word, and watch every video.

Base Camp Manager Tip:  Troubleshooting and Follow-up for BCM

What do you do when your club member says they are having a problem hitting complete? The first thing I would do is have the member go back through all the projects in that level to make sure they did not miss anything. The second thing I would do is ask the member if their transcript shows all the projects are complete in the level. Keep in mind that you cannot complete Level 2 before first completing Level 1.

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