Pathways Monthly Tips

by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM

District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs

December Tips

Speech Writing Techniques

Using Vocals and Gestures to Enhance Your Speech

Base Camp Manager (BCM) 2-Step Process

Tip 1:  Speech Writing Techniques

When you arrive at Level One, your first-ever educational opportunity, it is always best to ENGAGE each Path Level Project with an open mind to the magic of personal discovery. Take simple steps. The “Ice Breaker” is about you. “Writing a Speech with Purpose” is where you grasp the three-step process to tell your story and deliver your message. The third project introduces you to your “Voice Variety and Body Language” and how to make them work for you. Your last Level One project allows you to find benefits from a great evaluation and add new tools to your speaking resume, plus the added benefit of giving a fellow Toastmaster your very first Oral Evaluation. Remember, this is your journey, so think, but do not overthink. You can do this.

Tip 2:  Using Vocals and Gestures to Enhance Your Speech

While writing your speech, have you considered what vocal changes you may want to use and where? Changes in your vocals can serve a couple of purposes. It helps you engage your audience, as well as create a mental image for your audience. When appropriate, humor is always great to add.

Have you considered where and when you should make gestures and what gestures you should use?  A well-placed gesture can equally enhance your meaning or your exaggeration.  Be cautious, though; too many or too grand of a gesture can also detract from your message.

Base Camp Manager Tip:  BCM 2-Step Process

Remember, after you approve the level, that is not the last thing you must do. For your club to get credit for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), you must go into Club Central and put the award in there as well. As we know, this will change soon, but until then, we need to remember this for our club’s DCP.

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