My First Speechcraft Experience

by DeRhone Sutton-Lambert

On February 28, 2024, participants of an eight-week-long Speechcraft series graduated with honors. The four-member team under my leadership consisted of experienced and enthusiastic Toastmasters: Becky McGilton, Tina Smith, Pim Parpart, all DTMs, and Julie Salgo. I chose this activity to work towards my own DTM title.

  • My team members were well prepared for their educational assignments, and they supported the Speech Crafters by encouraging them and answering questions during the breakout sessions.
  • They demonstrated how to give feedback, conduct Table Topic sessions, and time speeches.
  • They all created a positive and motivating atmosphere where everyone was eager to do their best.
  • I started the first educational presentation with “Selecting a Speech Topic.”
  • Pim addressed “Speech Organization” next.
  • I covered “Speech Purpose” during Session 3.
  • Julie’s subject was the importance of “Body Language.”
  • My topic during Session 5 was “Vocal Variety.”
  • Julie addressed the subject of “Word Choices.”
  • Tina gave her educational presentation about how to “Research Your Topic” during Session 7.
  • The 8th Session was GRADUATION.

We were all impressed with our young participants.

  • They always joined the meeting punctually, which started at 6:00 p.m. Florida time, but they joined from the Philippines 13 hours ahead of us early the following morning.
  • They were always exceptionally well prepared, focusing on the purpose of the given projects.
  • They listened to our educational segments and dared to ask questions.
  • They chose excellent topics addressed in a highly intelligent way and surprisingly in good English.
  • They progressed in all areas, including the way they evaluated each other.

I learned from this experience to be prepared and ready to present when called upon. The Speech Crafters from week to week were always prepared. The experience was generally educational and uplifting.

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