Meet The Speakers; Reach New Heights

The countdown is on! As we prepare to roll out the red carpet for our inaugural event, The Summit: Reach New Heights, Toastmasters District 84 is proud to present all our speakers! Organized across 5 different learning tracks, our presenters will share their skills and talents ranging from goal setting to leadership, storytelling, inclusive leadership, and more. Below you will find the agenda which you can download by clicking here and why wait? Take a moment to register here.

Track: A New You 🌟

  • Amy Rosenburg in “A Wants Workshop”
  • Cathy Gorgensen and Pam Winter in “Publishing Your Photography”
  • Sandra Savage in “Mentoring and Growth”
  • Laura Chandler in “Self-Care Mastery: Women Breaking the Stress Cycle”
  • Elliotte Mao in “Tai Chi: Walking Meditation”

Track: Leadership Evolution 🚀

  • Dr. Steve Vaughn in “Radical Uncertainty”
  • Tom Hobbs in “How Humor Can Transform Your Leadership Style”
  • Donald D Toldson Sr in “Navigating Goal Setting”
  • Gina Hanson in “Cultivating a Growth Culture”
  • Beth Ramsay in “Finding Speaking Opportunities”

Track: Digital Mastery 💼

  • Joyce Feustel in “Jazz Up Your LinkedIn Profile”
  • Cajetan Barretto in “Your AI Future is Already Here”
  • Denise Stickland in “Human-Centric Cybersecurity”
  • John Morrow in “Get Unstuck and Ready for Your Future”
  • Angela Ardrey-Reynolds in “Zoom Leadership Presence”

Track: Speaker’s Journey 🎙️

  • Kimochi in “3Ds – Japanese Traditional Storytelling Arts”
  • Dr. Manal Fakhoury in “How to Share an Idea Worth Spreading (TEDx)”
  • Lea Tran in “Storytelling Mastery: A Game Changer in Life, Work, and Business”
  • Julie Salgo in “Listening is Key”
  • Rich Hopkins in “How to Craft a Masterful Keynote Speech”

Track: Inclusion Matters 🌍

  • Jenny Liu in “Neurodiverse Leadership”
  • Vivien Mangalindan in “Spontaneous Conversations”
  • Chris Robinson in “Cultivating Inclusive Leadership”
  • Mona Lou in “Why Culture Matters”
  • Barbara Proctor in “Communication and Inclusion”

Download the agenda 👉🏼 here.

Which sessions will you choose? Remember, you can attend one or more. Each session will last approximately 20-25 minutes and you will then have time to refresh your drink and come back for more. Our day has been designed with you in mind. Come ready to climb your own summit, invite someone in your circle, and let’s make this event, one we will all remember. Register now.

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact Education Chair Dr. Maria Martinez or a member of the Education Squad. #PoweredbyEducation #Education2023 #tmd84 #thesummit

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