by Amanda Cross, DTM

Dear Fellow Toastmasters of District 84,

THANK YOU for instilling your trust in me when you elected me as your Club Growth Director for 2023-2024. When it was first suggested that I run for the position, I told that person they were crazy for even considering me. Yet they persisted, and I threw my hat in the ring. Then others came up behind me and kept moving me forward as I campaigned for the position, and I told each of them that they were crazy for backing me. Yet they persisted, and I made it to election day.

As the final count came in, I took the moment on camera, and as soon I was able to turn off my video, I turned to my husband and said, “These people are crazy!” Yet you all persisted and shared your ideas for the future of District 84 with me, and I started the role on July 1.

There was much to learn and SO MUCH to do as a new Club Growth Director. I felt absolutely crazy as we figured it out together. We struggled together. We persisted together. And Fellow Toastmasters, we have SUCCEEDED together!

District 84 added six new clubs (195 new members) this year, and we still have a few more ready to join the family! This is not MY success as Club Growth Director, this is OUR success as a District.

I look forward to continuing to serve the District as the incoming Program Quality Director. Thank you for this opportunity, this honor, and this privilege.

Have a great day,

Amanda Cross, DTM

Club Growth Director

2023-2024 Toastmasters International D84

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