Just One More Page: Educational Workshops Preview

As we prepare to write the next page in our book, we are excited to share an exciting sneak peek into the forthcoming District 84 Conference! With a diverse array of workshops and presentations lined up, this year’s event promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store:

Friday, May 17th

1:00 PM – Dogwood Room

Presenter: Tiffany Gunter Session Title: How to Turn Labels into Supporting Characters

Ever felt restricted by labels in communication? Join Tiffany Gunter as she guides us through recognizing and replacing labels with compelling narratives, questions, and requests.

Presenter: Mahendran Mookkiah Session Title: One Page a Day

Struggling to find time for personal goals? Mahendran Mookkiah will motivate and inspire you to take essential steps towards your aspirations.

Saturday, May 18th

9:30 AM – Ballroom B

Presenter: Tom Hobbs Session Title: Ethical AI: Your Co-Author for Crafting Captivating Speeches

Discover the ethical use of AI in transforming your communication style and crafting impactful presentations.

Presenter: Robert E Brown Session Title: Teamwork for Toastmasters Using Agile Methodology

Explore Agile methodology and its application in Toastmasters, promoting collaboration, reflection, and motivation.

10:30 AM – Dogwood Room

Presenter: Jennie Powell Session Title: How to Use Really Bad Evaluations to Drive Away and Demoralize Your Club – or not!

Learn the importance of effective evaluations in building vibrant, engaged clubs.

Presenter: Dan Magill Session Title: Sculpt Your Story – Secrets to Storytelling Success

Join Dan Magill for a session packed with fun, audience participation, and lasting storytelling lessons.

2:30 PM – Ballroom B

Presenter: Donald D. Toldson, Sr. Session Title: “Just One More Page: A Journey from Manuscript to Published Book”

Gain valuable insights into the journey from manuscript to published book, offering actionable advice for aspiring authors.

Presenter: Edith Tiencken Session Title: Brain Workshop: Power Up Your Communications

Unlock the secrets of effective communication by understanding the brain’s processing styles.

3:30 PM – Dogwood Room

Presenter: Bonnie Maidak Session Title: Website Development from the Good, Bad, and Ugly to Excellence

Learn the principles of successful website development to enhance your club’s online presence.

Presenter: Gina Hanson Session Title: On Stage Without A Net: Using Unscripted Authenticity to Courageously Connect With Your Audience

Discover the power of authenticity in forging deep connections with your audience.

With such a diverse lineup of workshops and presentations, the District 84 Conference promises to be a transformative event for all attendees. We look forward to all the book adventures that await us, as we turn Just One More Page.

For more information, please contact Education Chair, Dr. Maria Martinez at education@toastmastersd84.org

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