Funtastic Theater

🤣 Calling
All Adventure-Seeking Toastmasters and Lovers of Hilarity!

by Francine Juhlin

Is your club in dire need of a sprinkle of excitement, a dash of fun, and new members? Are you struggling to conquer that daunting Level 4 or Level 5 project that’s been stifling your Pathways progress? Fear not, for
the marvelous and mischievous FUNtastic Theater is here to rescue you from the doldrums of the ordinary!

Picture this: a Halloween extravaganza that’ll make your fun-loving dreams come true. We’re cooking up a virtual demonstration meeting that’s not just any ol‘ meeting – it’s got 🎃Halloween vibes👻 and cheeky humor to spare! And guess what? We’ve already got 9 clubs from the US, Canada, and Australia in on the shenanigans. But hold onto your funny🤠 hat because there’s room for YOUR club too!

Do you find yourself stuck with one of those higher-level Pathway projects that has been giving you major procrastination vibes? You know, like building a team that actually functions, nailing a High-Performance Leadership Project without losing your sanity, or conquering the art of social media domination?

Well, guess what? We’re offering You the deal of a lifetime. With the FUNtastic Theater squad by your side, you’ll have all the backup you need to turn your project into a smashing success – all while supporting the fabulous world of FUNtastic Theater, of course. Are you curious yet?

Hey, members! Are you feeling the itch to take on those pesky Level 4 or Level 5 Pathways Projects? We’re on the lookout for fearless Team Leads to spearhead our Public Relations Efforts. Picture this: support, love, and collaboration galore, all aimed at helping you breeze through your project like a rockstar🤩. So, here’s your summons – join our team, and let’s make magic happen together!

But wait, there’s more! Are you dying to meet some like-minded individuals who are as excited about communication and leadership as you are about cheesy 🧙Halloween costumes🎭? Look no further. With FUNtastic Theater, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with an electrifying crew from all walks of life. Share your thoughts, sponge up wisdom from others, and build connections that’ll shoot you straight toward the realm of success. And hey, don’t forget about roping in new members for your own club! Spread the word about Toastmasters like a true evangelist and revel in the FUN of it all.

Mark your calendars, because the grand spectacle is happening on October 14, 2023, at 6:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings. It’s SHOWTIME, baby! 🎉

Participating is a piece of cake🎂 or should we say, a piece of pumpkin pie? 🥧 Just reach out to the one and only Francine Juhlin at and let the FUNtastic adventure begin!

So, are you IN, or are you IN? Get ready to rock the virtual stage with us, and remember: with FUNtastic Theater, it’s not just about the destination – it’s about the whimsical, cheeky journey that gets you there! 🎉🎭👻

Check out the video with highlights from last year’s FUNtastic Theater event.

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