Find Your Inner Go-Getter with Jocelyn Tyson

Jocelyn Tyson’s journey to becoming the 2023 World Champion of Public Speaking at Toastmasters is one marked by determination, resilience, and authenticity. From the beginning, she embraced the challenge of mastering the art of oratory, finding her voice within the supportive community of Toastmasters International.

Her path was not without obstacles, but Jocelyn’s unwavering commitment to growth propelled her forward. With each speech, she honed her craft, fearlessly sharing her stories and vulnerabilities to connect with audiences on a profound level.

At the pinnacle of her journey, Jocelyn captivated the world stage with her compelling presence and stirring speech, earning her the prestigious title of World Champion. Her victory stands as a testament to the transformative power of effective communication and the boundless potential within each of us.

“Because what matters most is what is within you. Friends, you can be your worst enemy. No one knows your weaknesses or your flaws like you do but at the same time you can be your biggest cheerleader and no one can push you further or take you higher. I implore you, no, I beg you, look deep within on that next challenge. Find your inner go-getter. And see how far it can push you.” – an excerpt of Jocelyn’s winning speech

As Toastmasters District 84, we are honored to welcome Jocelyn Tyson to our virtual lectern on March 21st at 7 pm. Put this on your 📅 calendar and invite all the Go-Getters in your life. Here is the Zoom link. Join us as we celebrate Jocelyn’s achievements and draw inspiration from her remarkable journey. And if you’re eager to witness the magic of Jocelyn’s winning speech, you can watch it here.

For questions, please contact Dr. Maria Martinez at

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