Embark on Your Literary Journey: A Panel Discussion

Join us at the District 84 Conference for a special panel discussion titled “Navigating the Writing and Publishing Journey One Page at a Time.” Led by the seasoned and insightful moderator Ramdeo “Andy” Seepaul, this session offers invaluable insights from seasoned authors, editors, and publishers who are also Toastmasters.

Held in Ballroom A on Saturday, May 18th during lunch, this panel dives into the challenges and rewards of book creation. Our panelists bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table, offering a comprehensive exploration of writing, publishing methods, and reaching diverse audiences.

  • Margo Thomas stands out with her unique exploration of end-of-life planning and grief journals in the DIY/self-help genre, coupled with insights into self-publishing and entrepreneurial strategies for authors.
  • Colette Smith brings diversity to non-fiction through life stories of overcoming adversity and offers a blend of traditional publishing experience and collaborative writing approaches.
  • Francine Juhlin expands the self-help genre to younger audiences with her focus on making meditation enjoyable for children, employing a hybrid publishing approach and emphasizing author confidence and audience engagement.
  • Kenneth Remsen adds further depth with his diverse topics, self-publishing experience, and expertise

Together, these panelists offer insights into effective marketing techniques essential for success in the competitive self-publishing realm, maintaining coherence in writing partnerships while honoring individual voices and navigating traditional and hybrid publishing routes. They’ll address common hurdles like rejection and writer’s block, offering personal anecdotes and strategies for resilience.

You will leave empowered with valuable insights and practical strategies to fuel your literary journey—one page at a time. We look forward to writing the next chapter of our journey at Just One More Page, May 17th and 18th in beautiful Gainesville, FL.

For more information, please contact Education Chair, Dr. Maria Martinez at education@toastmastersd84.org.

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