Elevate Your Journey: The Power of Service in Toastmasters

About a year ago, I received a call from our then Club Growth Director, Felicia Shorter: would I be interested in serving as Education Chair? After a few basic questions, I knew I was in. There’s something magical that happens when you do something you love and surround yourself with the right people. Having served in multiple roles at both the District and International levels, I knew that serving gives me life. Once I accepted, my first action item was to assemble my team. As Lakeland Club President, later Pathways Chief Ambassador, Conference Co-Chair, and most recently, Public Relations Manager, I knew that having a team is the secret sauce to success. And with that, I set out to find some of the most assertive, multi-talented, and dynamic team members who would help me achieve the vision for this year.

I am immensely grateful that Nic, Sal, and George said yes and answered my call to action. As I know some of you might be considering serving in some capacity next year, I asked them about their thoughts. Why serve on a District committee, such as the Education team? Here’s what they had to say:

As an educator and pedagogist, I believe it is beneficial to serve in these types of positions because we refresh our own knowledge while imparting what is often new to a wide variety of people. Serving on a committee like this gives you the chance to reflect on learning styles, organize events with impact, and learn from the feedback given by participants. My favorite part has been the small network of friends that gather weekly to vision, articulate, and encourage each other to do our best, bring our best, and share our best.” – Nic

Joining a committee is an opportunity to both serve and grow, beyond the club experience. I have gained a much greater insight into Toastmasters while working in an area that I am passionate about. Education is the engine that drives the Toastmasters experience, whether it be learning to speak, evaluate, or lead. As an education committee member, our Education Chair Dr. Maria Martinez challenges us to find the best, do the best, and deliver the best for the benefit of our members. It is a rich and rewarding experience to be part of the team that delivers the tools for our members to shine.” – Sal

Being on the education squad will open another chapter in your life. It helps you see the bigger picture of Toastmasters International as well as becoming a leader and an organizer in order to make things really happen. I strongly encourage you to take a position on the education squad or find the team that is best for you.” – George

Nic, Sal, and George have been your voice this year. They represent you and your needs. They have brought ideas to the table with you in mind, and with only a few months left in this year, I’m thrilled to look back and see nothing but heart-filled initiatives that have raised the bar and achieved extraordinary success, paving the way for a new team to continue elevating all that we are doing. The secret of our success is simple: our people.

If you are considering what’s next on your leadership journey, I encourage you to explore the possibilities. Whether at the Club level or maybe you are ready to take another step and serve on a committee or as an Area Director – I urge you to discuss it with someone you trust and give yourself that opportunity. Remember, the only chances you miss are the ones you don’t take. Listen to your heart and your gut, take that next step. Teams all across the District are assembling now, and we have a seat reserved just for you. If I can be of service, let’s connect!

Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM, PMP – education@toastmastersd84.org

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