Educational Program

Education is an important part of every Toastmaster’s journey, and it is a critical aspect of all club meetings around the world. Participating in Toastmasters’ education programs allows you to gain the valuable practice needed to develop your public speaking,communication, and leadership skills. The safe and supportive environment clubs provide allows you to learn at your own pace in a curriculum that has helped millions meet their personal and professional goals. Since Toastmasters was founded in 1924, our education programs have been driven by four guiding principles:

  • Experiential learning – By giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, you practice and improve.
  • Peer feedback – Grow and improve your public speaking and communication skills through honest and supportive peer evaluation.
  • Mentoring – Experienced mentors encourage, guide and support you in your goals and help you to achieve more than you thought possible.
  • Self-paced program – Develop skills at your own pace and comfort level.

Pathways Learning Experience

Welcome to the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience, an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your skills and help others in your club develop theirs. Pathways helps you learn communication and leadership skills that you need to succeed. It gives you:
  • The opportunity to build  up to 300 unique competencies
  • 11 specialized learning paths to choose from
  • Online content, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere
  • Real-world, transferable skills

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Each member will take an assessment which will help determine which path will best help you reach your goals. For instance, a Project Manager might be directed toward Persuasive Influence or Team Collaboration. Each path contains 14 projects across 5 levels. Each level has 2-3 projects, and in levels 3-5 there are electives to choose from so you can customize the more advanced topics. The progress will allow for much more recognition and will build on previous learning and increasing in complexity intended in developing competency.

No, your path is your path. This is your journey. The recommendation is there to help you get the most out of the program, but it’s still your program. TI anticipates that more members will finish their projects if they are meaningful to them.

  • Motivational Strategies
  • Presentation Mastery
  • Leadership Development
  • Innovative Planning
  • Visionary Communication
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Persuasive Influence
  • Team Collaboration
  • Effective Coaching
  • Engaging Humor

Pathways Document Library

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