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District 84 Synergy Newsletter – September 20212021-09-15

District 84 Newsletter – September 2021

District 84 Synergy Newsletter – August 20212021-09-08

District 84 Newsletter – August 2021

05 VPM Resource List2021-07-26


tli club2021-07
04 Incentives Golden Gavel 2021-20222021-07-26


tli club2021-07
03 Food Rules Incentives – Open House 2021-20222021-07-26


tli club2021-07
02A Incentives District 84 2021-20222021-07-26


tli club2021-07
02 Future Member Information Packet2021-07-26


tli club2021-07
01.2 TM VPM Overview 683VPM2021-07-26tli club2021-07
01 VPM Role & Responsibilities Handbook 20212021-07-26tli club2021-07
VPM Presentation 2021-2022 v12021-07-26tli club2021-07
Secretary Handout D84 TLI – July 25 20212021-07-26tli club2021-07
TLI Secretary Slides July 25, 20212021-07-26tli club2021-07
SAA-02 Sergeant At Arms – Self Evaluation2021-07-25


tli club2021-07
SAA-03 Guest Packet2021-07-25tli club2021-07
Path to DTM – Handout 12021-07-25, pathways tli education club2021-07
Path to DTM – Printable Paths – handout 22021-07-25, pathways tli education club2021-07
Pathways Road to DTM – Excel Template2021-07-25

Use the Download Button to the right to get this Excel template.

, pathways tli education club2021-07
TLI 2021 Judges Training2021-07-25

Judging a Contest; It Really is a Big Deal! Judging is an honor and solemn responsibility.

tli club2021-07
District 84 Membership Packet2021-07-17

Use this to hand out to guests as you encourage them to become members.

tli club2021-07
Club Officer Agreement and Release Statement2021-07-17

Toastmasters International requires that any member elected to the role of club officer agrees to and signs the Club Officer Agreement and Release Statement below. This completed form should be submitted to the Club Secretary and kept in the club’s records indefinitely.

tli club2021-07

Play D84 TLI Bingo! Win fabulous prizes!

tli club2021-07
D84 2021-2022 Playbook2021-07-17

Toastmasters District 84 Club Playbook for 2021-2022. Valuable resources to help your club succeed.

, club tli2021-07

Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet

, district-executive-committee leadership-trainingparliamentary

Basic Parliamentary Procedure
As Presented by Nancy Ford, DTM
2021-22 D84 Parliamentarian

, district-executive-committee leadership-trainingparliamentary
TLI Agendas Round 12021-07-16clubtli
District 84 Synergy Newsletter – July 20212021-07-16

District 84 Newsletter – July 2021

District 84 Procedures2021-07-10

These are the District 84 Procedures, which guide us in governing the District for the procedures that are not specific under Toastmasters International Policies and Procedures. For anything not referenced in this document refer to Toastmasters International Policies and Protocol.

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Concur Training Presentation (PDF) – Division and Area Director2021-07-10

How to use Concur to get reimbursed for District Expenses (PDF of Presentation).

, , district-executive-committee leadership-trainingconcur finance
Concur Training Presentation – Division and Area Director2021-07-10

How to use Concur to get reimbursed for District Expenses.

, , district-executive-committee leadership-trainingconcur finance
TLI D84 210725 Benefits of mentorship2021-09-08tli club
Club Ambassador Visit Report for 2021-20222021-07-07

Complete this form to document your Club Ambassador Visit. Submit your visit via the District …

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Pathways – Paths and Core Competencies2021-06-29, education pathways
Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog2021-06-29, education pathways
Club Leadership Handbook2021-06-24club
d84-guest-information-packet-pdf2021-06-24, club meetings
Moments of Truth in 20 Minutes2021-06-24

Learn how to deliver Moments of Truth in only 20 minutes!

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Moments of Truth Handout2021-06-24

Use this handout from Toastmasters International to help evaluate the club experience.

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District 84 Synergy Newsletter – June 20212021-07-16

District 84 Synergy Newsletter – June 2021

District 84 Synergy Newsletter – May 20212021-07-16synergy
District 84 Synergy Newsletter – April 20212021-07-16synergy
District 84 Synergy Newsletter – March 20212021-07-16synergy
District 84 Synergy Newsletter – February 20212021-07-16synergy
District 84 Synergy Newsletter – January 20212021-07-16synergy