District Leader Candidates

Felicia Shorter

Nominee for DIstrict Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Toastmasters International has offered me the opportunity to grow as a leader. I have been able to accomplish more than I would have expected. I have a great desire to experience more and I have seen the great benefits of those who have been district officers before me. I am ready and willing to move to the next level. Practice, practice and practice. District leadership will allow me to keep learning and practicing what Toastmasters has given me thus far.

Amanda Cross

Nominee for Program Quality Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Toastmasters is the safe-place to use and hone leadership skills. I’m learning more about myself and developing into a more effective leader in the process. This is my chance to SHARE what I’ve learned in my time with Toastmasters.

Nicholas Patterson

Nominee for Club Growth Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I would like to serve as a District leader because I am passionate about making a positive impact on the community and leading by example. I believe that by serving in this capacity, I can contribute my skills, experience, and dedication to encouragement to support the District. This last year, I had the experience of helping a club take flight. It was invigorating. I want to help others do the same.

Hasheem Francis

Nominee for Club Growth Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Leadership is not merely a position; it;s a responsibility and an opportunity to make a meaniful impact. The compelling reason why I want to serve the district, is driven by my deep-seated desire to make a difference in the lives of others. The satisfaction derived from witnessing the development of others, both personally and professionally is a fulfilling aspect of serving as a district leader. Serving as a leader comes with responsibilities and my willingness to take this responsibilty on is rooted in a sense of duty. The willingness to guide, and be accountable for the outcomes reflects a commitment to serving a greater purpose.

Aishah Abousamra

Nominee for Division A Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Toastmasters has allowed me to be the better version of myself and helping individuals realize their own person goals through this organization is rewarding and continue to allow me to grow and develop new skills.

Rachael Assignon

Nominee for Division B Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I really enjoyed being on the DEC as Area Director in the 2020-2021 year because I learned so much about the structure of Toastmasters International. I would like to continue my growth as a leader by working with district leaders.

Kim Dombroski

Nominee for Division C Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I have been in a service role my whole career and I like to see people succeed.

Daryle Hamil

Nominee for Division E Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Serving in a district position allows me to use my skills and experience to affect a larger group of people to achieve their goals, desires, and dreams. One thing I’ve learned from business and political leaders who’ve achieved great success (achieved big goals) is that as a persons skills grow, the problems they solve should also grow. It’s wasteful to play small when you can win big.

Francine Juhlin

Nominee for Division F Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I have received so much from my Toastmaster experience, I want more opportunities to give back. The more I step outside of my confort zone, the more I grow, making me a better human.

Jay Cohen

Nominee for Division G Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

This is my way to give back to an organization that has helped me.

John Mark Groff

Nominee for Division H Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

A sense of obligation from others in District Leadership

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