District Leader Candidates

Vickie Goodman

Nominee for District Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I have built my 30-year Toastmaster career on motivating and inspiring others to push themselves to success. My greatest reward has been mentoring individual members, watching confidence grow as their participation in TM expands. For many years I refrained from moving beyond the Division Director level because of my commitment to the growth of TM in my area of the state. Joining the District Trio required me to push myself out of my comfort zone and expand my own skills in an organization that I support without reservation. I realize I can help more people as a District officer and do more to expand the gift of TM with a bigger audience.

Felicia Shorter

Nominee for Program Quality Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Toastmasters International has offered me the opportunity to grow tremendously as a leader. I have been able to accomplish more than I would have expected. I have a great desire to experience more and I have seen the great benefits of those who have been district officers before me. I am ready and willing to move to the next level. Practice, practice and practice. District leadership will allow me to keep learning and practicing what Toastmasters has given me thus far.


Amanda Cross

Nominee for Club Growth Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

have the passion for helping others succeed and the drive to learn what I need to in order to effectively help others. And I heard that CGD’s make twice as much as Division Directors. LOL! 😃

Amy Anne Fischer

Nominee for Club Growth Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

During my previous term in Leadership I worked with amazing people and we did amazing things for D84 in service of our Members. I see a need in D84 again and its my wih to take lessons learned and create a team again that can serve D84 and help with it’s growth to better serve our members an the District Mission.

Sabrina Mallay

Nominee for Club Growth Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I am a servant leader. I have grown my club, serving two terms as President, and Vice President of Education. Current work experience is outreach, achieve consensus, and maintain a pipeline. I was a also awarded in relationship management.

Rick Pena

Nominee for Division B Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I was volun-told by Pim Parpart. She will not leave me alone until I do something at the District Level. 😃 Honestly, I would like to meet more people in D84 and give something back to Toastmasters. I would hope that my encouragement and leadership could inspire others to get engaged.

Edith Tiencken

Nominee for Division C Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Serving as Division Director is a role that allows me to equip,enable, and facilitate success the leaders (AA) that in turn will be closer to facilitate the success of each club and their members! I will spread my philosophy that each member success brings club, area, division and district success. I served a Div E Director with limited experience; I strongly feel that I have gained more TM experience and how to better serve as a leader at this level.


Selena Hutchenson

Nominee for Division D Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Simply put, I would like to serve as a District leader to share my professional skills, with the organization that helped me find my voice.

Beth Ramsay

Nominee for Division E Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I enjoy working with people as well as the challenges and differing strategies for success that each year brings. Plus, D84 is in need of Division Directors and my Region Advisor role will be completed as of June 30th, so I’m available! And I’ve missed my D84 members over the last year and a half, as I was not allowed to participate outside my assigned Region 1 while serving as Region Advisor.

Cathy Gorgensen

Nominee for Division F Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

Why not? It’s something I’ve never done. It’s fun to be scared sometimes. Who knows what I’ll learn?

Koki Kubo

Nominee for Division G Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

I have seen many talented and hard working District Leaders, and I feel it’s my time to exercise what I have learned.

Rauha Jessup

Nominee for Division H Director
Why Do You Want to Serve?

This year as an Area Director has been very positive. I look to adding to the process gained by the current team.

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