District Executive Committee 2022-2023

District 84 salutes our District Leaders as they give their time to serve the clubs and members of the District. Their rewards for serving the District are the leadership skills they hone, the education and knowledge they receive, and the great pleasure and satisfaction of serving the membership.

District Trio

The District Director administers and oversees the District’s day-to-day operations, finances, human resources, and contracts. The Program Quality Director (PQD) is responsible for all aspects of education and training within the District. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning, organizing, and executing the District conference. Additionally the PQD is responsible for promoting and supporting club quality and member retention. The Club Growth Director (CGD) is responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building, and club-retention efforts within the District. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the District, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs, and penetrating new markets. Additionally, the CGD supports challenged clubs and helps them to become Distinguished.

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District Director’s Team

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Program Quality Team

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Club Growth Team

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Public Relations Team

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Division Directors

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Area Directors

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