2018-2019 District Executive Committee


District 84 salutes our District Leaders as they give of their time to serve the clubs and members of the District. Their rewards for serving the District are the leadership skills they are able to hone, the education and knowledge they receive, and the great pleasure and satisfaction of serving the membership.


District Executives and Sr. Leadership District Director - Mike McLean, DTMProgram Quality Director -  Beth Ramsay, DTMClub Growth Director - Pim Parpart, DTM

Public Relations Manager - Debra Wilson, DTMAdministration Manager - Jennifer Suharmadji, ACB
Finance Manager - Ai Bosques, ACB
Logistics Manager - Michael Carroll, ACB
Parliamentarian - Francisco Campos, CCImmed. Past Dist Director - Robert Fischer, DTM 

Committee ChairsClub Ambassador - Andy Seepaul, ACBClub Extension  - Susan Shulz, DTMClub Support Chair - Fred Bergeron, DTMClub Coaches - Fred Bergeron, DTMMembership / Recruitment - Richard Hoar, DTMRetention / Renewals - Norm Facey, ACGMentors / Sponsors - Susan Shulz, DTMCorporate Clubs - Steve Vaughn, ACGNewsletter Editor - TBAProclamation Chair - TBASocial Media - Steve Morgan, ACSSpeakers' Bureau - Marie Loeffler, DTMPodcast - TBAWebmaster - Jim Miller, DTM PDG  Audit Chair - TBACredentials - Wanda Brown, DTM PDGLeadership - TBAProxy Chair - TBAAV Chair - Jerome Kalisz, DTMRealignment - TBAConference Book - Jim Miller, DTM PDGConference Finance - Thomas Blake, DTMEducation - Becky McGilton, DTM, PDDSpring Conference - Jerome Kalisz, DTMMaria Martinez, DTMLeague of Volunteers - Andrew Kokitus, DTMMoments of Truth - Sherri Vaughn, DTMYouth Leadership - Terrance Burt, DTMTrain the Trainer - Paula Summa, DTM 


Division and Area DirectorsDivision A Director - Christina M. Gonzalez, DTMArea 10 Director - Mario Chatman, ACGArea 11 Director - Laurie Luhrs, CCArea 12 Director - Martha Vidal, ACSArea 13 Director - Earl Kitchings, ACSArea 14 Director - Michael Osborn, ACSArea 15 Director - Aelis Waugh, ACG Division B Director - Deb Wilde, DTMArea 20 Director - Warren Winters, CCArea 21 Director - Cecilia Stinson, CCArea 22 Director - Britt Allen, ACSArea 23 Director - Bethany Boring, ACSArea 24 Director - Ron McClellan Division C Director - Edwin Mercado-Rivera, DTMArea 30 Director - Phoung-Lily Tang, CCArea 31 Director - William Lambert, ACBArea 32 Director - Ann Adams, ACSArea 33 Director - Mark Dugener, CCArea 34 Director - Lee Rushin, ACS Division D Director -  Renee Katsov, DTMArea 40 Director - Michelle Attia, CCArea 41 Director - Claudia Atkins-Martin, CCArea 42 Director - Julian Coto, ACSArea 43 Director - Jack Mannion, ACSArea 44 Director - Marvin Corea, ACS    Division E Director - Debi Jo Londono, ACBArea 50 Director - Roberto Gayo, CCArea 51 Director - Ajay Koovackal, ACGArea 52 Director - Sandy DePrimo, CCArea 53 Director - Jeannie Elliot, ACSArea 54 Director - Jonathan Nielsen, ACGArea 55 Director - Lauren Kinnally, CC Division F Director - Wayne Parker-Blackburn, DTMArea 60 Director - Nhuy Nguyen, CCArea 61 Director - Aishah Abousamra, CCArea 62 Director - Laura Lopez Diaz, ACBArea 63 Director - Edith Roysdon, CCArea 64 Director - Julie McLean, DTM Division G Director - Barbara Amato, ACSArea 70 Director - Leslie Carney, ACBArea 71 Director - James Wallace, ACBArea 72 Director - Lisa Reilly, ACGArea 73 Director - Sabrina Mallay, CC Division H Director - Elizabeth Frisbie, ACBArea 80 Director - Debbie Bass, ACBArea 81 Director - Joseph Dertien, ACBArea 82 Director - Kevin Robinson, CCArea 83 Director - Shishandra Devlin, CC Division I Director - Susan Morgan, DTMArea 90 Director - Kelly Moore, CCArea 91 Director - Dean Robertson, DTMArea 92 Director - Shekhar Manohar, ACSArea 93 Director - Daniel Sullivan, ACB

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Reports, Distinguished Club & Distinguished District Programs Division and Area Director's can use these helpful report links:District Leader Reporting RequirementsDistrict 84 Reports Dashboard"Almost" Distinguished ClubsArea To-Do ListsDivision Director DashboardPerformance GraphsTriple Crown AwardsDistrict Recognition Program The Distinguished Club, Area/Division and District programs serve as the basis for goal achievement for your clubs, areas/divisions and districts .Distinguished Club ProgramDistinguished Area ProgramDistinguished Division ProgramDistinguished District 

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Youth Leadership - Terrance Burt, DTM