Club Growth Director

As your Club Growth Director, my personal mantra this year is “Everything ties to our LOVE of Toastmasters.” 

Leap into the new year by renewing memberships before rates go up. Remember, it costs less than one venti coffee a month to have access to unlimited potential for personal and professional development. This is an investment in yourself.

Offer expertise as an experienced Toastmaster to help new clubs thrive. Serve as a sponsor to help new clubs charter. Serve as a mentor to help new clubs start off on the right foot. 

Volunteer as a coach to help clubs regain Distinguished status. Many clubs in our District could benefit from a peer mentor who is willing to observe and provide insight to help the club not just survive, but thrive.  

Everything ties back to LOV, the annual award given to members who participate fully. You can participate fully in your home club and find ways to be active in your Area and Division. Keep track of your activities as a member of the League of Volunteers and come to Conference in May to celebrate your Love of Toastmasters! 

I look forward to an amazing Toastmasters year. I hope you feel the LOVE for Toastmasters, too.

Amanda Cross, DTM
Club Growth Director

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