Celebrating the Achievements of Our Trainers Academy

Our Trainers Academy initiative has proven to be a beacon of excellence, fostering growth and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. This past year, we have seen remarkable achievements and impactful contributions from our esteemed Master Trainers: Rachael Assignon, Edith Tiencken, Marie Loeffler, Hector Rocafort, and Becky McGilton. Their dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in elevating our educational program and shaping the future of our District.

Meet Our Master Trainers

Our deepest gratitude goes to our Master Trainers for their unwavering commitment and passion for training and development.

Marie Loeffler is a life and career coach who enables individuals to unlock their full potential so they can shed their masks and live the lives they were designed to live. Reflecting on her experience, Marie shared, “Being a Master Trainer allowed me to share my experience and expertise with future trainers so they achieve their goals and collectively we add value to District 84 Educational Programs.”

Becky McGilton has been a dedicated member of Toastmasters for sixteen years, with a professional background as a Project Manager. Her journey in Toastmasters has been marked by continuous learning and leadership. Becky expressed, “Sixteen years ago, I started my Toastmasters journey which has helped me professionally and personally. In Toastmasters, I have served in multiple leadership roles, but I would never say I have learned all that I can. In fact, my favorite saying is ‘It’s a great day when I learn something new, a better one when I get to pass it on.’ That is my motivation to continue.”

Rachael Assignon brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for learning to the Trainers Academy. As a multilingual Learning and Development professional with extensive experience in instructional design, teaching, training, and learning ecosystems, Rachael remarked, “The Trainer’s Academy speaks to my passion: learning. I was honored to share my skillset with District 84 to foster the growth of fellow Toastmasters in the world of training.”

Edith Tiencken, Founder & CEO of Smart Brain Insights, integrates the Neuroscience of Learning into her approach, driving business growth and developing human potential both in the USA and internationally. Edith shared her thoughts on the Trainers Academy: “Trainers Academy in D84 empowers us to unlock the greatness in others, transforming lives through shared expertise and passion for developing human potential. A truly transformative experience!”

Our deepest gratitude goes to our Master Trainers for their unwavering commitment and passion for training and development.

The Vision Behind the Trainers Academy

The vision for the Trainers Academy was to create a platform where experienced trainers could impart their knowledge and skills to aspiring trainers, thereby enriching the educational landscape of District 84. Our mission is clear: to build, inspire, and empower a core group of effective facilitators ready to serve our District. As the Education Chair for 2023-24 it has been an honor to see this idea come to fruition.

Our Trainers Academy not only provides invaluable training but also fosters a community of lifelong learners and leaders. The dedication of our Master Trainers has ensured that our foundation is solid, giving us the opportunity to to thrive and to set a standard of excellence that will inspire future generations of Toastmasters.

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

Thank you to our Master Trainers, our dedicated members, and our senior leaders for believing in us and in the Trainers Academy. Together, we have reached new heights and set the stage for even greater achievements in the future. And as we celebrate the success of the Trainers Academy, we also look forward to this project’s continued growth as we are now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 cohort. For those interested in participating in this exciting and transformational opportunity, here is the link ➡️ https://forms.gle/3AFrmoZBCs5ts5fJ6 or please contact Trainers Academy 2024-25 Chair, Rachael Assignon.

In love and gratitude,

Dr. Maria Martinez, DTM Education Chair 2023-24

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