Circus, dog and pony show, show and tell or all 3?

Open House Tips from My Successes by Melanie Cheong, DTM, of Australia On the second Sunday of February, my club, Find Your Funny, held an open house/special event. My first of this type, i.e., for an advanced club, on the other side of my world, fully online. My earlier events were for the launch of […]

Pathways Monthly Tips

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by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs March Tips Tip 1 Attention to Pathways Update On December 11, 2023, Toastmasters International sent out a letter to all members about the Pathways updates. Please note the following change regarding Assess Your Skills (excerpt from the 12/11/23 letter): As you may have […]

The Way We Have Been Communicating Through the Ages

by Julie Salgo Thousands of years ago, prehistoric people found ways to communicate before they could talk to each other by making all sorts of noises. Sometime later, an open-air fire was the focal point for any social activities and communication. More advancements happened when people created drawings on cave walls, leaving messages this way […]

March Spring PR Tips: Navigating Success in Toastmasters International District 84

March Spring PR Tips: Navigating Success in Toastmasters International District 84 by Donald Toldson Toastmasters International District 84 continually strives to empower clubs with effective communication strategies. Monthly Public Relations (PR) tips are instrumental in achieving goals. These tips serve as guiding lights for clubs, offering valuable advice on how to enhance their visibility, engage […]

Unleash Your Inner Comedian: Learn the Art of Humor in Public Speaking

by Francine Juhlin, DTM Are your presentations dryer than the Sahara Desert on a summer’s day? Are you longing to sprinkle some laughter and excitement into your speeches? Find Your Funny Toastmasters is the answer to your humdrum speaking dilemma. Imagine standing tall, commanding the room with your uproarious anecdotes and quick wit. Sounds too […]

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