Southside Toastmasters’ 60th Anniversary

Southside Toastmasters’ 60th Anniversary by Mahendran Mookkiah It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 60 years since the Southside Toastmasters was established in Jacksonville. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the club decided to hold an open house on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at the IHOP located at 8400 Baymeadows Rd in Jacksonville, Florida. To pay […]

Podcasting Team

Get ready for an exciting journey as the new Toastmasters year begins! Our Synergy Podcasting team is filled with energy and enthusiasm to deliver captivating, innovative, and high-quality content. Join us as we embrace collaboration, engage with a wider audience, and make this year extraordinary! #Toastmasters #Podcasting

FUNtastic Theater

Are you ready for a thrilling Toastmasters event? Join FUNtastic Theater 2023 for a bone-chilling Halloween open house and find your perfect club match. 👻🎭🕸️

Where Connections Are Made

Discover the magical experience of first-time attendees at the Division B Picnic! From engaging conversations to delicious food, it was a day to remember.

Celebrating 13 Years

Discover the incredible journey of Girl Talk, a Toastmasters club for girls only. Learn how this supportive community has empowered women for 13 years and counting.

Why Did You Join Toastmasters?

Discover the relevance of Toastmasters and how it can improve your professional, social, and family life. Engage in stimulating meetings and watch your club grow.

Inspiration Jump Start

Discover the power of inspiration and its role in creativity. Learn how it influences Toastmasters and why it’s essential for personal growth.

Amplifying Members’ Communication Skills

Enhance visibility and reputation. Our PR team aims to showcase success stories, promote events, and provide resources for effective communication at all levels. Join us in unlocking your potential!

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