Getting to the Heart of Traditions

Previously Published in November 2020 Getting to the Heart of Traditions By Angela Ardrey-Reynolds, 2020 District 84 Vegas Day Bride We spend years creating traditions. Some traditions are passed down, such as favorite recipes to cook for the holidays. But other traditions, the ones WE create, come from our hearts. It is these traditions that […]

The Keys to Growing a Club

The Keys to Growing a Club by Tim Linger In my Toastmasters adventures, I decided to become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). One of the requirements of becoming a DTM is to be a club coach (or fulfill a similar important task). I found a club with a strong leadership team and well-run, fun meetings—the first […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving by Francine Juhlin As we prepare to convene around the metaphorical table of success in our upcoming meetings, let us take a moment to raise a glass (or a cup of coffee, for those early morning gatherings) in celebration of the transformative journey that is Toastmasters. As Thanksgiving approaches, the season invites us […]

Start and End Your Meetings on a High Note

by Julie Salgo When I joined Toastmasters four years ago, the club met in person during lunchtime, and we had the luxury of socializing with those who came a bit early and did the same after the meeting with those who did not have to rush back. I started to visit clubs as well, and […]

I’m Not a Writer

“I’m Not a Writer,” Never Said the Storyteller by Angela Ardrey-Reynolds and Bette Saffran I’m Not a Writer . . . I hear this too many times when I ask Toastmasters to share their stories. Here’s a little secret from this writer (yes, me): STORIES COME FROM ALL OF US—through our words and our imaginations. […]

Giving Thanks to Our Veterans

by Fred Bergeron, DTM According to, as of 2023, there are 67,495 homeless veterans. Shockingly, veterans constitute about 10.6% of all homeless in the United States and they are twice as likely to end up homeless compared to those who didn’t serve in the military. That’s why it’s important to express gratitude not only […]

Pathways Monthly Tips

Pathways Monthly Tips by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs November Tips Tip 1:  Picking a Path As a new Toastmaster, there are 3 ways to select your path. #1, Presentation Mastery is the “default” selection. #2, you can review the summary of each Path objective and select your preference. […]

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