A Tale of Two Districts

by Fred Bergeron, DTM It was May 2021. As I was approaching the end of my Public Relations term with District 84, I accidentally stumbled across a chartering club that was meeting in District 7 called PR Masters. After I was politely informed by one of the chartering members that PR Masters was having a […]

Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations for the District 84 Leadership team for Program Year 2024-2025 is now open.  Have you thought about taking the next step in your Toastmasters leadership journey? If so, now is the time to consider serving as a District Leader for the 2024-2025 Toastmaster year. We are looking to fill the following positions: Please […]

Conference Bookshelf

Register Now for the 2024 District 84 Toastmasters Conference Exciting news! Registration is now open for the 2024 District 84 Toastmasters Conference, happening May 17-19 at the Hilton UF Conference Center in Gainesville, FL. This year’s theme, ‘Just One More Page’, promises to transform our conference into a captivating narrative of growth, connection, and inspiration. […]

Solutions to Your Resolutions

by Fred Bergeron Greetings and Happy New Toastmasters! It’s that time of year again when we anticipate our resolutions on January 1st, but by January 15th, we’ve already given up on them. Did you know that the word “solution” is also in resolution? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a solution is an action or process of […]

A Book That Mattered

By Francine Juhlin, DTM Randall Crosby’s journey with literature during a life-altering event is truly inspiring. It’s incredible how books can become guiding lights during challenging chapters of our lives. Imagine the profound impact of discovering a book that not only captures your attention but also provides a roadmap for navigating an uncharted journey. In […]

New Year, New You 2024

by Donald Toldson As we have entered the new year 2024 in District 84 Toastmasters International, it’s time to unleash the untapped potential within ourselves. Welcome to the grand spectacle of “New Year, New You 2024,” a celebration of transformation, growth, and a dash of laughter to keep us on our toes! “Your life does […]


by Julie Salgo New members of Toastmasters quickly buy into the club’s routines, and when they first volunteer to be the Table Topic Master, they follow the way they observed it ran without any intention to metaphorically “upset the apple cart.” While collecting my “ambassador points” by visiting several clubs, I discovered numerous ways to […]

Pathways Monthly Tips

pathways logo

by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs January Tips Tip 1:  Power of Listening Toastmasters is “Where Leaders are Made.” The greatest asset that a great leader must possess is LISTENING. Just as you have benefited from a high-quality oral evaluation of your speeches, you will become a trusted, competent, […]

District 84’s Trainers Academy: Progress, Learning & Growth

In July 2023, District 84 proudly launched the Trainers Academy, an exclusive initiative designed to empower its members in the art of facilitation and training. This one-year program has been a transformative journey, equipping participants with invaluable skills to excel in their roles. Led by a distinguished panel of master trainers, the Academy aims to build, inspire, and empower a core group of effective facilitators dedicated to serving the District.

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