Become a New Club Sponsor or Mentor

Become a New Club Sponsor or Mentor

Help the District fulfill its mission by assisting prospective clubs to charter and establish a strong foundation so they experience long term success.

These roles can help a Toastmaster in their journey towards DTM.


Identify a new club opportunity in the District or accept an assignment with a new club lead. After the lead has been verified and there is ample interest in starting the club, New Club Sponsors collaborate with Club Growth Director and Club Extension Chair to help the prospective club receive its charter. Sponsors coordinate the demonstration meeting, help establish a strong foundation, and celebrate the club’s successful charter.

Club Mentors instill best practices from the beginning to help the new club learn about Toastmasters traditions while performing meeting roles, and serving in officer roles. Mentors train by example so members experience the fun and success of a well run Toastmasters club. Club Mentors remain with the club for at least six months, attending meetings, and encouraging participation in Area, Division, and District events.

Preparing for the Role


Click the link below to access the New Club Mentor Handbook.

New Club Mentor Handbook

The following forms are intended to be filled out by the Club Organizer with the assistance of their New Club Sponsor(s). District 84 adopts the guideline of having the Club Growth Director and/or New Club Team review all documents prior to submission to Toastmasters International.

I want to be a New Club SPONSOR and/or Mentor

New Club Sponsor/Mentor Application

Sponsors and Mentors for New Clubs must be appointed by the District Club Growth Director. Mentors may not be a member of the club to be mentored at the time of the appointment.

New Club Sponsors assist in moving a New Club Lead to a Newly Charted Club and provide resources to help New Club Organizers advertise and prepare to start meeting.

New Club Mentors must be prepared to attend the newly chartered club meetings regularly for at least six months to provide the education, nurturing and guidance that help strengthen and build the new club.

(cities, counties, other geographic landmarks, or mileage restrictions)
(New Club name/number or other descriptors)

You will receive a confirmation email verifying submission of this jot form and you will be notified by the Club Sponsor/Mentor Chair via email when a club that meets your meeting time/day requirements is available for you to visit and introduce yourself.

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