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Develop team-building skills, expand leadership experiences, increase facilitator and negotiation proficiencies and develop diplomacy and marketing skills — all while completing an essential step towards your DTM award.

Experienced Toastmasters may submit an application to become a Club Coach or New Club Mentor, by clicking on the appropriate icon below. You will receive confirmation when your application is received and our Club Coach/Mentor Chair will contact you to provide the essential information to get you started.

Which Role Will You Embrace?

Become A Club Coach

Guide a club with 12 members or less through the process of effectively identifying and maximizing its strengths to realize its potential, and to provide the resources and the tools that enable and empower the club to achieve its long-term strategic goal of continuous growth.

The goal of the Club Coach is to help the club achieve recognition in the Distinguished Club Program which is accomplished by:

  • Building rapport with club leaders and members
  • Instilling enthusiasm, camaraderie and structure with the club
  • Assessing the club environment and recommending best practices for success
  • Encouraging the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program recognition

Become A Club Mentor

Build a nurturing relationship with a newly chartered club, educating and training by example. Club Mentors instill best practices from the beginning to help the new club learn about Toastmaster traditions,meeting and officer roles, and offer encouragement so members experience the fun and success of a well-run Toastmasters Club. Club Mentors stick with the new club for at least six months, attending meetings and encouraging participation in Area, Division and District events.

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