Become a Club Coach

Become a Club Coach

Develop team-building skills, expand leadership experiences, increase facilitator and negotiation proficiencies, and develop diplomacy and marketing skills – all while completing an essential step towards your DTM award.

Guide a club with 3-12 members through the process of effectively identifying and maximizing its strengths to realize its potential, and to provide the resources and tools that enable and empower the club to achieve its long-term strategic goal of continuous growth.

The goal of the Club Coach is to help the club achieve recognition in the Distinguished Club Program which is accomplished by:

  • Building rapport with club officers and members
  • Instilling enthusiasm, camaraderie, and structure within the club
  • Assessing the club environment and recommending best practices for success
  • Working with club officers to develop a Club Success Plan
  • Encouraging the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program (DCP) recognition


BECOME a Coach
Club Coach Application & Request for Club Coach Extension

As an Agent of Change I believe I can help motivate and guide a club with 3-12 members with resources and tools to empower the club to become a Distinguished Club!

  • Club Coaches must be appointed by the District Club Growth Director and may not be a member of the club to be coached at the time of the appointment.
  • Club Coaches must be prepared to attend club meetings regularly and may have up to two years to help the club achieve Distinguished Club status by June 30th.
(cities, counties, other geographic landmarks, or mileage restrictions)
(Club Name and Number)

You will receive a confirmation email verifying submission of this form and you will be notified by the Club Coach Chair via email when a club that meets your meeting time/day requirements is available for you to visit and introduce yourself. The club members or Club Executive Committee will have the final decision regarding acceptance of the Club Coach assignment.


Clubs are eligible for club coach appointment provided the following requirements are met:

   - The club must have at least 3 but no more than 12 members in good standing at the time of appointment.
   - The club must not be suspended or closed.
   - The club must not have more than two coaches appointed at one time.

An available Club Coach will arrange a visit to introduce him/herself to your club.

Club officers/members make the final decision to accept a Club Coach assignment.

Tell Us About Your Club

This information helps us pair you with a Club Coach who is available when your club meets.
e.g. Club One, 0001
e.g., 1st/3rd Weds @ 1:00pm
(Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.)

Specific Coach Requested?

If you have someone specific in mind, let us know who they are.

Your Information

So that we can contact you directly with any questions or for a Coach to connect with you.
e.g. President, VPE, etc.

You will receive a confirmation email verifying submission of this form and you will be notified by the Club Coach Chair via email when a Club Coach available for your meeting time/day becomes available. The Coach will arrange an introductory visit to your club prior to being appointed.

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