How Many Members Would Be Ideal?

by Julie Salgo On the Toastmasters Facebook page, amazing numbers were revealed recently: The top 20 largest clubs have between 79 and 181 active members. WOW! The most amazing is the Mumbai Toastmasters, with 181 members. They meet weekly for 3 hours and, on average, have 7 speakers and 10 Table Topics. About 60 members […]

Yes, You Can Become What You Intend to Be!

by Julie Salgo I wonder how many of the current Distinguished Toastmasters, Leaders, and seasoned members would admit that they used to be extremely shy introverts, insecure, timid, and scared children? We witness their current performances, and based on what we see and hear, we assume that they were born with special gifts, which is […]

The Way We Have Been Communicating Through the Ages

by Julie Salgo Thousands of years ago, prehistoric people found ways to communicate before they could talk to each other by making all sorts of noises. Sometime later, an open-air fire was the focal point for any social activities and communication. More advancements happened when people created drawings on cave walls, leaving messages this way […]

No Time to Read?

Learn from Valuable and Brief Alternatives by Julie Salgo I am about to share with you three books I learned a lot from, and thus I became a better professional. I am sure they will help you and others you mentor, coach, or influence to grow too. They are not recently published books, yet they […]


by Julie Salgo New members of Toastmasters quickly buy into the club’s routines, and when they first volunteer to be the Table Topic Master, they follow the way they observed it ran without any intention to metaphorically “upset the apple cart.” While collecting my “ambassador points” by visiting several clubs, I discovered numerous ways to […]

An Interesting Etymology for You

by Julie Salgo I wonder how many of you know the origin of the word “coaching.” Our modern use of the word “coach” is a metaphor. “Coach” was applied first in education, not in athletics. The term was used as a verb by students of tutors preparing them for exams. The slang reference for tutors […]

Start and End Your Meetings on a High Note

by Julie Salgo When I joined Toastmasters four years ago, the club met in person during lunchtime, and we had the luxury of socializing with those who came a bit early and did the same after the meeting with those who did not have to rush back. I started to visit clubs as well, and […]

Multiple Club Memberships

An Interview with Becky McGilton, DTM by Julie Salgo When did you first join Toastmasters, and are you still a member of the same club? I first became a member in 2008 after visiting South Beach Toastmasters with a friend. I discovered that Rockwell Collins had a club, and I ended up joining both clubs […]

Enrich Your Vocabulary

The best way to enrich your vocabulary is by reading, even in your mother tongue, but learning new words needs your attention and your will to remember and use them correctly.

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