Getting to the Heart of Traditions

Previously Published in November 2020 Getting to the Heart of Traditions By Angela Ardrey-Reynolds, 2020 District 84 Vegas Day Bride We spend years creating traditions. Some traditions are passed down, such as favorite recipes to cook for the holidays. But other traditions, the ones WE create, come from our hearts. It is these traditions that […]

The Keys to Growing a Club

The Keys to Growing a Club by Tim Linger In my Toastmasters adventures, I decided to become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). One of the requirements of becoming a DTM is to be a club coach (or fulfill a similar important task). I found a club with a strong leadership team and well-run, fun meetings—the first […]

I’m Not a Writer

“I’m Not a Writer,” Never Said the Storyteller by Angela Ardrey-Reynolds and Bette Saffran I’m Not a Writer . . . I hear this too many times when I ask Toastmasters to share their stories. Here’s a little secret from this writer (yes, me): STORIES COME FROM ALL OF US—through our words and our imaginations. […]

Pathways Monthly Tips

Pathways Monthly Tips by Deborah Wilde, DTM and John Morrow, DTM District 84 Pathways Co-Chairs November Tips Tip 1:  Picking a Path As a new Toastmaster, there are 3 ways to select your path. #1, Presentation Mastery is the “default” selection. #2, you can review the summary of each Path objective and select your preference. […]

Healthy Thoughts

“Focus on the Positive” is a Pathway project. Do you wonder why? Do you see how Toastmasters International’s values – Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence – connect to “positivity”?

What Time Zone

By Francine Juhlin 🧙‍♀️💫

Teen Toasties

Teen Toasties Rosamund Fife Tall Tales and Table Topics were the talk of the Town on Saturday, August 26th, as the Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program at Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Port St. Lucie concluded its 10-week program with celebration, camaraderie, and contests! The program was coordinated by Rosamund Fife with the help of Tina Smith and was sponsored […]

Effective Toastmasters Mentorship

by Mahendran Mookkiah Humans are the only species on Earth that have evolved to be self-aware and to have the ability to change our own environment. We are constantly learning from and evolving alongside the people around us. When we work together with a shared goal of growth, we can achieve more than we ever […]

Bahamian Wrapsody

by Fred Bergeron, DTM The Paris convention was on my bucket list, but it was suddenly cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. So, I decided to add another overseas convention to my list, the 2023 convention in the Bahamas. While it was only an hour’s flight from Orlando, the journey was a nightmare from […]

Zoom Master, Zoom Tech, Zoom Moderator

A group watches people on the screen

Zoom Master, Zoom Tech, Zoom Moderator by John Burton No matter what the title may be, we are all pretty much familiar with the role. This is the person who has helped you hold your club together while we were forced to go Virtual. Through virtual and hybrid meetings and contests, this person has wrestled […]

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