District 84 Areas


Venkata Taduri, MS3

Area 10 Director

Club Name
Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters Club
Jacksonville Toastmasters
Downtown Jax Toastmasters
DSG Toastmasters

No content was found.

Jennifer Bacmeister, CC, ALB

Area 11 Director

Club Name
Toastmasters at JEA
Castle.com Toastmasters Club
TIAA Bank Innovators
Divine Charisma

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AndrewPaul McIntosh, IP1

Area 12 Director

Club Name
Top O' The Rock Toastmasters Club
CSX Toastmasters Club
Global Leaders Advanced Toastmasters Club
Jax Speakeasy

No content was found.

Ronnda Jamison,

Area 13 Director

Club Name
North Jax Toastmasters Club
New Horizons Toastmasters
Toasting 601
Adecco Toastmasters
CIS Toastmasters

No content was found.

Daniel Wallace,

Area 14 Director

Club Name
River City Toastmasters
Deerwood Toastmasters Club
20/20 Toastmasters
RS&H Toastmasters

No content was found.

Stephanie Baker, PM5

Area 20 Director

Club Name
Merritt Moonliters Club
Titusville Toastmasters
Girl Talk Toastmasters Club
Virtually Speaking

No content was found.

Adeline Jouanny, LD5

Area 21 Director

Club Name
Beachside Broadcasters Club
South Beach Toastmasters Club
Peace Talkers

No content was found.

Rita Pilate, VC1

Area 22 Director

Club Name
Advanced Communicators Club
Harris Toastmasters Club
Toast-Stars Club
Melbourne FL Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Joseph Ponds, PI2

Area 23 Director

Club Name
L3harris Communicators Club
Harbor City Toastmasters Club
Collins Club
5-Star Toastmasters

No content was found.

Paul Edwards, EC3

Area 24 Director

Club Name
Beachsiders Club
Metro Palm Bay Toastmasters
Florida International Talkers
Technically Speaking

No content was found.

Kathleen Lekadou, PI1

Area 30 Director

Club Name
Apopka Foliage, Club 840
Voices of Maitland Club
EA Tiburon
Orators of Excellence
Expressway Toastmasters

No content was found.

Sean Tucker, CC

Area 31 Director

Club Name
Post Toasters Club
The Reliable Speakers
Leaders In Communication
FIS Orlando

No content was found.

Ty Patten, ATM, CL

Area 32 Director

Club Name
Orlando Conquerors Toastmasters Club
Downtown Toastmasters Club
Club Orange
Citrus Toastmasters

No content was found.

Delisa Rodriguez, PM4

Area 33 Director

Club Name
Turnpike Toasters Club
St. Mark AME Text Talkers
Windermere Toastmasters

No content was found.

Tim Linger, EH5

Area 40 Director

Club Name
Winter Park Toastmasters Club
Let's Talk Toastmasters Club
O-Town Toastmasters
Central Florida Facilitators

No content was found.

Joseli Kersey, PM3

Area 41 Director

Club Name
Oviedo Toastmasters
Weekend Toastmasters
ACE Advanced Toastmasters Club
Winter Springs Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Gail Hill-Smith, DTM

Area 42 Director

Club Name
Trailblazers Toastmasters Club
Electric Toasters Club
Energy Speakeasy
CEO Toastmasters

No content was found.

Buddy Coley, VC5

Area 43 Director

Club Name
Orlando Toastmasters Club
Orange County Toastmasters
Lake Nona Toastmasters Club
KPMG OCC Toastmasters

No content was found.

Theresa Fellinger, DTM

Area 50 Director

Club Name
Celebration Speak Easy Toastmasters Club
The Toast of Celebration
Four Corners Toastmasters
World Toasters

No content was found.

Kim Dombroski, PM4

Area 51 Director

Club Name
Wyndham Easy Speakers
Vista Toastmasters
Orlando International Club
Orlando Advanced Toastmasters

No content was found.

Jonathan Nielsen, DTM

Area 52 Director

Club Name
Twilite Club
Osceola Club
Darden Toastmasters Club
Hunters Creek Toastmasters
Find Your Funny Toastmasters

No content was found.

Andrew Johnson, PM3

Area 53 Director

Club Name
Plant City Toastmasters
Sensational Saturday Speakers
Midlakeland Toastmasters
Keynotes and More Advanced Toastmasters
Bartow Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Paul Smith, VC5

Area 54 Director

Club Name
The Talking Mocs (Florida Southern College)
Winter Haven Toastmasters Club 2104
Lakeland Toastmasters
Heartland Talk of the Town

No content was found.

WIlliam Lambert, EH5

Area 60 Director

Club Name
Orange Park Toastmasters Club
The Vystar Toastmasters Club
Mandarin Toastmasters
Beaches Area Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Mini Jewahar, TC1

Area 61 Director

Club Name
Southside Club
Jacksonville Bullmasters
Winn-Dixie Toastmasters
Florida Blue Toastmasters Club
Ponte Vedra Beach Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Abigail Butcher, PM2

Area 62 Director

Club Name
Toast of Jax Club
Speak Up America Club
Voices of the Southside
First Coast Multilingual Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Cathy Gorgensen, DTM

Area 63 Director

Club Name
Toast to DB
Toastmasters of St Augustine
Coastmasters of Palm Coast
NBC Keynotes

No content was found.

Selena Hutchenson,

Area 70 Director

Club Name
Gainesville Toastmasters
Gator Club
Eagle Toastmasters
Talking Gators

No content was found.

Norma Cress, DTM

Area 71 Director

Club Name
Downtown Ocala Toastmasters
Early Bird Ocala
Ocala Noon Toastmasters Club
Marion United Toastmasters

No content was found.

Jay Cohen, EC1

Area 72 Director

Club Name
Radiant Ridge Toastmasters
Southwest Marion Toastmasters
Clermont Toastmasters
LensMasters Advanced Toastmasters

No content was found.

Rauha Jessup, DTM

Area 80 Director

Club Name
Uptown Toastmasters
Highway Safety Club
Driven by Destiny Toastmasters
Garnet & Gold Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Walter Blackmon, DTM

Area 81 Director

Club Name
Leadership Toastmasters
Transformation Toastmasters Club
Mad Talkers
SBA Toastmasters

No content was found.

Patricia Goodwin, EC3

Area 82 Director

Club Name
Tallahassee Toastmasters Club
Early Bird Club
Seminole Toastmasters Club
FDLE Toastmasters
We Can Speak-Podemos Hablar Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Darleen DuRante, VC1

Area 90 Director

Club Name
Toastmasters on the Halifax Club
Ormond SpeechMasters
Toastmasters at Twelve
D5 Department of Toasters
Daytona Beach Toastmasters Club

No content was found.

Kristine Totanes, PM1

Area 91 Director

Club Name
DaVita Labs Toastmasters
West Volusia Toastmasters
The Negotiators
Wharton-Smith Toastmasters

No content was found.

Michelle Dettlaff, DTM

Area 92 Director

Club Name
Articulators Club
Lake Mary Toastmasters
Omni Toastmasters Club 6861
Seminole State College Toastmasters

No content was found.

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