Amplifying Members’ Communication Skills

and Inspiring Confidence

In today’s diverse world, relevant communication skills are the key to success in personal and professional development. My primary goal as your District 84 Public Relations Manager is to enhance the organization’s visibility and reputation. 

By developing and implementing strategic communication plans, my team and I will ensure that Toastmasters’ mission and achievements reach a broader audience.

The PR team will strive to showcase success stories of District 84 Toastmasters members through various media outlets to include social media, Synergy Newsletter, Synergy Podcast, etc. We will promote Toastmasters events, programs, and initiatives to attract new members and engage existing ones. Additionally, we will collaborate with other Toastmasters leaders to provide support and resources for effective communication at all levels.

Ultimately, the District 84 Public Relations team aims to inspire individuals to embrace public speaking, build leadership skills, and gain self-confidence in their abilities. By amplifying Toastmasters International and District 84’s mission, we help unlock the potential of countless members and empower them to become effective communicators and leaders in their respective fields.

Donald D. Toldson, Sr., DTM

District 84 Public Relations Manager

July 2023

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