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Episode 18: The TRIO + ONE

There is a two-word phrase in District jargon. “The TRIO”. It represents the Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director. That being said, do you know that there is actually a “Quatro”?

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Episode 17: Birth of a Conference — Part 3

In the third installment of this series, Leslie interviews Chair Edith Tiencken. Edith provides her insights as to how the education sessions will be structured this year, a new and refreshing approach to that important component of Conference, and a key reason as to why we all want to attend our annual event: Time and Time Again.

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Episode 16: The Value of Toastmasters — Part 3

DeeJae’s mission continues. In this episode, she talks to Jonaed Iqbal from Columbia University club in New York, District 46. He shares about his large and diverse club on campus, some unique challenges. The active club runs for 2 hours with up to 5 speakers and has big speech contests. They highlight the importance of and young people.

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